“What did you do out there?”

Zhang Ping was startled.
The ugly boy hid in the room and could not be noticed by him, not bad not bad.

I went out to practice my feet.”

“Is it? How do I seem to hear that the eunuchs in charge of the punishment by the internal eunuchs have a hard time? Either someone was beaten or someone fell into the pond? I also heard that when the eunuch, who was most afraid of snakes and insects, went to bed, he found a white snake hidden in the quilt, which made him ill for three days.
And that white snake was raised in the rare beast garden.”

“You have heard it?” Zhang Ping's eyes lit up, and he strokes the flintstone to light the candle.

The room lit up, reflecting a gloomy face of Huang Fu Jie.

Huang Fu Jie never wears a mask in front of him, and that angry eye mask is on his hand.

Looking at Zhang Ping's honest face that couldn't hide his pride, it was as if there was a small paw scratching in Huang Fu Jie's heart, it tickles.
In these two years, Zhang Ping's martial arts* became stronger and his guts getting bigger and with that, many strange things happened in the palace.1

At first he didn't realize it, but later after many times, he gradually found out.

Strange thing no.
1: when he was eleven years old, his father gave him his first gift, a white horse, because his third royal brother said he liked it and just begged for it.
He couldn't say no.

About two months later, he heard that his third royal brothers stepped on a dog shit in the palace, causing a lot of laughter.
Of course, it also aroused the alertness of the guards.
But the man who put the dog shit didn't know if he was lucky enough had never been caught, and the third prince never had a dog again.

Strange thing no.2: at the age of 12, he celebrated his father's birthday.
He did not know how many pieces of paper he had practiced.
It took him three months to write the “longevity” character of ten thousand flyheads small prints on a brocade handkerchief that satisfied him and presented it to Emperor Sheng.

Emperor Sheng also had a faint look of approval on his face when he saw this gift, but Hu Rong, the attendant beside him, let out a sigh: “His highness's filial piety is commendable, it's a pity it's inappropriate to write the word longevity on a brocade handkerchief.”

Emperor Sheng asked him why it was inappropriate.
Hu Rong replied with great fear: “Because the brocade handkerchief is not easy to preserve, and when the handkerchief gets wet, isn't the writing on it will be……
so the old slave thinks it is inappropriate.”

Emperor Sheng obviously thought it was true, and the praise on his face became a little dissatisfaction.
Of all the princes who presented gifts that day, only he did not get the emperor's praise.

Huang Fu Jie looks at the gifts presented by his brothers.
They are jade, porcelain, calligraphy and painting, and precious horse.
Which one among it isn't easily destroyed? But Hu Rong didn't say anything bad about it.
He praised a calligraphy of longevity written by a famous contemporary painter presented by the grand prince.

It's ironic, but what can he do? Only later, he realized that it was a very important thing to pour silver money to the emperor's favorite attendants.

At the end of the year when Emperor Sheng gave a banquet, his favorite servant Hu Rong inexplicably fell down the steps in front of everyone, he had got a bruised nose and a swollen face, one tooth was knocked out.。

For this reason, Hu Rong called all the big and small eunuchs who saw his ugly appearance that day to have a talk, and he thought some of their attitude was slightly disrespectful, so they all dragged them down to be flogged.
Of course, Hu Rong had a good reason for doing this, because he found a cobblestone on the steps and determined that someone was going to harm His Majesty, he asked the imperial edict to investigate the matter.


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Emperor Sheng thought it was a bit of a fuss, but he allowed it.
He also knew that his favored eunuch was just trying to vent his anger.

Because of this, a lot of eunuchs met misfortune.

That night, Huang Fu Jie noticed that Zhang Ping seemed to be in a bad mood .
He talked about how he had implicated so many people.
He muttered and sighed that the eunuchs in charge of sweeping the palace last time were punished with canes.
Huang Fu Jie began to feel that something was wrong.

He then began to keep an eye on Zhang Ping's movements.

With this attention, the fourth prince, who was precocious compare to other children, forced his mind to grow rapidly, so as to be able to stop him before his servant Zhang Ping planned to do anything.
Perhaps he could cover him later.

Therefore Yang Momo often said afterwards, Huang Fu Jie could become emperor, 50% because of hatred, and 50% was because, during his growth, there was an extra Zhang Ping on his side who is obviously young and reckless* but not stupid.
This can also prove that human ability can be forced out!

“I find that you have better information now than before, did Qingyun and Bailian tell you that?” Zhang Ping said as he undressed.

It's Yang Momo.” Huang Fu Jie snapped back.

“Ha! I knew it.
“Zhang Ping did not know what he was happy about, he hummed his hometown tune and untied his belt.

“Your Highness.”


“I want to change my clothes.”

“You change yours.”

“I also need to change my pants.”

“What were you doing out there that you need to change your pants? “

“I went to the Imperial doctor hospital to steal medicine.
I mistook a medicine box and smoked a realgar* smell.
I have to take it off and wash it off quickly.
it would be terrible if someone notices it.”1

“Did Yang momo ask you to go again? “

Your Highness, could you go to your own room first? If there is anything, I'll go find you later.

“I'm going to sleep here tonight.” His Royal Highness the Fourth Prince said with a grimace.

“Help me undress.” As he said that his Highness the fourth prince made a stop towards Zhang Ping.

His Highness has grown to be as tall as Zhang Ping, he also appears to be physically stronger than his peers, a beautifully muscled body that you can't help but want to touch.
If he hadn't looked so different, he's afraid those court maids have long since recommended themselves to be a pillow mat.1

What a pity! Zhang Ping thought of the palace maid that Madam Xian Fei had sent once again two days ago, surprisingly, she fainted in shock at the sight of Huang Fu Jie who appeared wearing a mask.
Zhang Ping guessed that maybe it was because of the candlelight effect?

To be honest, he felt that Huang Fu Jie, who wore a mask, was much more intimidating than when he wasn't wearing one.
Maybe it's the face he's used to seeing, not only does he not think he's ugly now, instead he also thinks that the face is very manly, that the birthmark is a bewitchingly strange point.

“All right, all right, don't mind my bed being small.
Really, such an adult still has to squeeze in a bed with me.” Zhang Ping muttered, but he didn't think there was anything wrong.
Usually, the fourth Prince often stayed in his room and didn't leave, It's normal for him to ask to help him undress.


Huang Fu Jie had just finished bathing and had just draped a long coat over his body, Zhang Ping helped him undress, and when he widened it, he wears nothing underneath.

Because Zhang Ping is used to keeping his head down, he naturally sees the thing he doesn't have under the hip of his fourth highness.
Fortunately, the number of times he saw it was not much, and Zhang Ping's self-esteem was not hit hard, but there was always a little envy and jealousy.

Zhang Ping spread the long coat he'd taken off on the back of the chair, grabbed his own coat before going to the bathhouse to wash up.

This time Huang Fu Jie took his hand.

Zhang Ping raised his head, boss, what do you want again?

Huang Fu Jie's face is a little red.
The more red the birthmark is, the more strange it is.
A pair of abstruse eyes stare at his face and slowly pull his hand to his crotch.

“Your Highness?” Zhang Ping was startled, and his fingers retracted into the palm of his hand.
His hand just touched it …
although he occasionally touched him in the bath, this was different.

Huang Fu Jie didn't speak, but just opened his mouth and gasped slightly.

Zhang Ping was dumbfounded.
What does his highness want to do? He even grasps his hand and rubs it against his noble second brother, no matter whether his palm has shrunk into a fist.

“Touch it.” Huang Fu Jie asked.2

Zhang Ping looked at him with his mouth wide open.

“Even you also are not willing?” Huang Fu Jie's eyes seemed to be accusing, and his voice contained a trace of grievance.

“Your Highness, that……you can order Qingyun or Bailian to come in and serve you, they should have been taught and know how to serve you.
I….” Zhang Ping is not good at saying no, and feels sorry for his highness, and feels a bit funny.
He's not really angry about that, it might also have something to do with the fact that he and Huang Fu Jie were already very close.

Huang Fu Jie glared at him fiercely when he heard the words.
“Would you like me to order you to do it?”

“Your Highness, don't be ridiculous.
I'm an eunuch, but although I don't have that one, I'm also a man.
You say how can I serve you?” Zhang Ping was embarrassed, but he simply made his words clear.

“If you don't want to! Get out!” Huang Fu Jie was so angry that he shrugged off his hands and fell onto the bed, with his back to him, he began to sulk.

Zhang Ping turned around …
and turned back again.
Play this trick with him every time, turn his back on him and face the wall when he gets angry.
Now that he is bigger is much better.
Last year, Zhang Ping still had to keep him from knocking his forehead against the wall.
Zhang Ping couldn't even remember what he was up to with himself at the time, was it because he had stayed with his father and mother for one night and didn't come back to him?

“Your Highness?”

Huang Fu Jie ignored him and turned his bare back to him.

Zhang Ping wanted to laugh, but could only force himself to put up with this.
Thinking about it, this kid was only a year older than his fifth brother, and was still a kid by nature.
But in all seriousness, his fourth highness's ass is really impressive, look, it's firm and muscular.

Huang Fu Jie refused to pay attention to him, and his muscles tightened against the wall.

“Your Highness.” Zhang Ping sighed and went to cover him with a quilt.
He couldn't let him sleep so naked until dawn, can he? If he didn't care, this awkward boy would really do that.

When pulling the quilt, Zhang Ping accidentally saw the thing straight upright between His Royal Highness's legs, and His Royal Highness didn't seem to know what to do, so he forbears, and his body became a little red.

“Your Highness, if you feel uncomfortable, just touch yourself with your hands and once it comes out it'll be better ” Zhang Ping, who has at least had puberty, spoke up and pointed out.

Huang Fu Jie's body did not move, and he said in a sullen voice : “You don't care about me! even if i'm like this no one want to do it anyway, so I might as well be an eunuch!”

“Your Highness, what are you talking about.
Who says no one wants you? You are the fourth Prince of the Daya (Great Asian) Empire, there are many women who want to go to bed with you.
The court maids sent by the madam in front are just too clueless and timid*, they're the ones who don't have the privilege of serving you In two days, madam will arrange other maids to come.

“I do not want it!”


“It's not like you don't know what my mother is up to.
She sent the maid not to serve me, but so that I might save her seed! What am I? What do I count for as a prince? Now even you laugh at me, even you don't want to touch me.
You get out of here! “

“Your highness….”

“You either come and help me or you get out! Don't give me any more crap!” Huang Fu Jie turned around and roared.

Zhang Ping was stunned and rushed to cover his mouth, ” Your Highness, how can you shout so loudly? “

Huang Fu Jie glared at him under the palm of his hand and did not push his hand away.

Zhang Ping locked eyes with him, and not long after, he fell in defeat.

“Okay, okay, I'll help you, but don't make a sound.”

In the middle of the night, Zhang Ping slipped out of his room.
He found that the fourth highness of his family was not an ordinary man and difficult to serve in such matter, It was not enough to let it out once.
Holding him, he even wanted to rub it on top of him, If he didn't react quickly, he didn't even know if he would be stripped of his pants.

Ugh! Zhang Ping felt that it was really not easy to be an attendant eunuch.+

After Zhang Ping slipped out of the room, the voracious* Huang Fu Jie hugged the quilt and showed a little smile.1

At this time, Zhang Ping is still unaware that such things are usually after a first there is the second, after a second there is the third, and after a third ………
anyway it began to develop in an uncontrollable direction.

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