After the incident of the sixth prince, Qingyun and Bailian see the fourth prince with a little more respect, even their words and deeds have been cautious They may not know who the murderer of the sixth prince was, but they vaguely knew that it must be related to their fourth highness.

Time passed by, and slowly, the murder of the sixth prince subsided.
Soon, the story of the sixth prince is rarely mentioned again.

At the beginning of the year, the third prince was made a king.
What's interesting is that when Emperor Sheng granted the king title to his two sons, the second and the third, he seemed to forget to give them a piece of land and still left them staying in the capital.

This move naturally caused some people to discuss it secretly, and take this opportunity to strive to gain power for themselves.
While the crown prince's faction is silently watching.

Finally, the fourth prince also reached the age to leave the palace and become a king.

Emperor Sheng also gave him the title of king, likewise he was not given any fiefdoms.
The fourth prince, who was granted the title of King Ning, lived in an old mansion of a declining royal family.1

No one in the court looked with discerning eyes.
Seeing that the second prince and the third prince, who are both granted the title of King Hui and King An, have the new mansion.
Only the fourth prince, when he was granted the title of king, had neither grand celebration nor had a mansion built for him, so he found an old mansion, changed the plaque, repaired and lived in it.

Then everyone in the kingdom knew that the rumors about the disfavored fourth prince, who had always been obscure, were true

Fifteen year old King Ning Huang Fu Jie felt a little headache these two days.

At the beginning, when he heard that the eldest princess was harassed in the bedroom and got her hair shaved, he was really happy that he laughed with three different tone.
No other reason than because the eldest royal sister, Huang Fu Qi was born by the empress she always looked down on him, she especially didn't want him to appear in front of the royal people.
Some time ago, he was invited to the royal garden to attend a flower feast.
She also mocked and taunted him, together with several daughters of the officials to laugh at him.

The reason was that he gave up the stone bench to a little girl of about 14 or 15 years old, it was only later that it was discovered that the little girl was Qiu Xinlan, the only daughter of Qiu Jie, the Minister of Revenue1

Because the eldest princess ridiculed him that the toad wanted to eat the swan meat, it didn't matter to him, but the little girl politely covered her face and run away crying.
As a result …
he naturally became the target of criticism.1

Now that his eldest royal sister's hair has been shaved, as soon as he heard the news that was secretly circulating, his first reaction was that this killer must have something to do with someone close to him.
Because there are few people who can do this kind of obviously difficult and unpleasant things, and it is apparent that they are just trying vent out anger.

The man who has this strength and this motive happens to be the one on his side.
Huang Fu Jie covered his head at the thought of here.

Eldest royal sister, the eldest royal sister who lives in the same palace with the Empress.

What does this mean?

This means that there is a loophole in the security in the palace, that the Guards will be punished, and that his father will definitely investigate the matter.
Remember that the sixth prince died only one year ago.
How could the palace allow such a thing to happen again?


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You say where did you shave her hair badly? Why did you have to sneak into the Empress's bedchamber?

Isn't this plainly telling others, if anyone wants to kill the empress or even the emperor it's a breeze?

Although that was not the case, if someone hadn't lived in the palace for six years and figured out the time and route of the guards' patrols, coupled with the courage of a skilled man and some special overpowering drugs made by Yang Momo, , it wouldn't have been so easy to get things done.

Yang Momo, didn't you say you'd never give him drugs again? You can't use that fool* as a gunner just because you want to watch the fun!

Yes, after six years, Huang Fu Jie knew enough about the man beside him.

Yes, he is kind, just, compassionate and caring.
That man is even a martial arts genius, just as he said, and he is also very smart, which is all true.
But at the same time, the man was a fool

What do you call a fool?

A fool is usually very normal, but occasionally he has a brain fever to do some very impulsive, very reckless things.
He thought he had taken everything into consideration.

And Zhang Ping, his precious servant, is the one who occasionally suffers from “fools fever”.

As expected, as Huang Fu Jie had expected, Emperor Sheng ordered a secret investigation of the humiliation of the eldest princess.

Because it is related to the eldest princess reputation of and royal family name, it is only a secret investigation.

Not to mention that the eldest princess is crying for justice every day.
Her brother here is also Huang Fu hun, who is the crown prince.
he also vowed to find out the culprit who insulted his sister.

The atmosphere in the royal family grew tense.

The first to be investigated is the unpopular fourth prince, Huang Fu Jie.

Everyone knows that the fourth prince is a soft persimmon in the palace.
Although he was not bullied as much as he was when he was a child, he cannot escape being ridiculed or deliberately looked down upon.

Since the crown prince Huang Fu Hun was granted the crown prince, he has not put the fourth prince who have the backers of the Yan family in his eyes.
In the first two years, he had to cover up his disgust because he wanted to win over this power.
He had nothing to do with the ugly prince who only had strength but no brain.

Now, he is acknowledged by his father as the rightful Crown Prince.
Except for Huang Fu Jin, the second in line, what do this person have to fear?

Huang Fu Jie stood at the top of the tree overlooking the entire royal residence.

His royal residence is arguably the smallest and most inconspicuous of many princes.2

It's said that the former master of the royal mansion fell before his father emperor ascended to the throne, It's said that the master died of illness and had no children.
It is said that the original owner was also an unfavored prince.

Before he moved in, his grandfather had already called for someone to repair it.
Because it is not easy to make too much fanfare, they just repaired the badly damaged areas, removed the weeds, and re-washed the exterior wall.

Before he moved in, his grandfather had someone came to have the place fixed up.
Because it's not a good idea to make too much fanfare, just patch up the badly damaged areas, remove the weeds, repaint the exterior walls, no changes in the overall layout.

But even so, Zhang Ping was very happy.

On his first day here, he ran through every corner of every room.
He also boasted that the mansion was a good one, with enough rooms for a hundred and ten people, and he was clamoring to be the steward of the royal residence.1


When Huang Fu Jie thought of Zhang Ping, his gloomy eyes softened a lot.

Yes, he should be happy.

Here, he has more freedom.
Although the servants in the house, including the housekeeper, were all found by his grandfather, he will be the real master here.

He's going to take this as a starting point, expand a little bit and cultivate a force that is completely his own.

It's going to be hard.
But so what? He has nothing to lose.。

Other princes may worry about whether the forces behind them will also pay in, as for him, he will take advantage of whatever he can.
There was nothing he couldn't part with.

Even if he loses, what if the people behind him will die? He won't feel any pain.

“Your Highness, are you going to become an immortal? Or are you going to fly?” Zhang Ping looked up under the tree and called him.

Huang Fu Jie bowed his head, smiled and jumped down from the tree.

“Be careful of letting people know what's up* with you.” Zhang Ping walked up and naturally helped him straighten his lapels and pull the hem of his coat.

“No one in this yard can enter without permission except you.”Huang Fu Jie opened his hand and obediently turned around.

“All right.
“Zhang ping straightened up and muttered,” Why can't I be the Steward? Why can I only serve you closely? What's the matter with eunuchs , they can't be the steward of the mansion? “

“Oh,” Huang Fu Jie sneered, “You have been scolded by the steward again?

He thought I couldn't hear it, he turned his back and called me a stupid castrated goods.
You say, should I stop playing dumb?”

The fifteen-year-old King Ning laughed more tenderly, pulling his private servant hand and say: “Isn't it yourself who happily pretend to be stupid, cause you think that others will not guard against you?”

“That's because I didn't become the steward of the prince residence! Apart from those we used to have, which one in this mansion is not from another family? Momo also said that the Palace should be more careful.
But it's good that Momo and Zhao Gongong came to stay together, otherwise we would be more isolated.
There will be fewer people who can talk to me then.

At 21 years old, he would look like a nice young man if he collected the scowl and timidity that he deliberately put on his face.
Taking off that eunuch suit and walking down the road, absolutely no one could tell that he was a man with a major physical defect.

“I saw that you and Qingyun talk a lot? ” Huang Fu Jie said very casually.

“Haha, you see it? Then you think if I and Qing Yun paired, would she agree?”

“You want to harm someone's family daughter?” His Highness King Ning's smile at this time was absolutely gentle.

But Zhang Ping touched his neck and sneered, “I just talked casually, how dare I have that hope.”

“Didn't Yang Momo use medicine to regulate your body.
Isn't it possible that you are regenerating there?”

“But it's too late.
I'm not a child anymore, I have to be checked every year in the palace, and I have to be cut off when I really grow out.
No one checks now, but Momo also said I missed the best of times.
Besides, even if it does grow a little in the future, it's only a little.” Zhang Ping compared a small length, “It's just to make it easier to pee.
when I'm old I wont have to wear a diaper.”

“Zhang Ping.” Huang Fu Jie gave his hand a heavy squeeze.


“I will not abandon you if you wear diapers in the future.”


“Ha ha.” Zhang Ping laughed, “The wheels have not turned your highness for you to fillialy support me, my big brother and a few brothers in the family have long said that when I get old, they will be responsible for supporting me.
Besides, the master who castrated me at the time was good at it, he didn't dig deep, it's not so miserable to grow old.

“Zhang Ping, won't you be with me when you are old?” Huang Fu Jie seemed surprised.

Zhang Ping also wondered, “why do I have to be with you when I am old?” Whether you can be an emperor in the future, you will have to change your servant when I get old, right? I've thought it through, whether you are still a Wangye* or emperor, I'll go home when I earn enough money.
You'll let me go home, won't you? Otherwise the old eunuch would be miserable in the palace.”

Huang Fu Jie stared at him as if he didn't believe that.

“What if I don't become emperor, and I can't stay as a king, what will you do if I fail? Will you leave me, too?”

Zhang Ping went directly to touch the boy's forehead, “How can it be? Are you stupid? You don't have a fever, do you? If you fail, I'll take you to the end of the world, With you and i having the world greatest martial art why should we be worry? Even if you get caught, I will definitely go and save you.
We are sworn brothers, even if I die, I will help you get out.
Oh, by the way, speaking of which, you'll have to help me set up for my family so they don't get involved.”

Huang Fu Jie paused for a long time and concluded, “You mean you'll die for me, but you won't stay with me until I'm old.

Zhang Ping felt that his questioning was a bit wrong, but he didn't know what was wrong.
He scratched his nose and nodded reluctantly.
Then he also said, “You can't let my seventies or eighties old self help you wash your feet and change your clothes right? Anyway, you should let me go home and enjoy an easy and carefree life of ten or twenty years.
You say am i right?”1

Huang Fu Jie glanced at him and suddenly smiled.

“You're right, how can I be willing to let your seventies or eighties old-self wash my feet and change my clothes? When you get old, I will let you enjoy an easy and carefree life, and you can do whatever you want.
But before that, you have to help me.

Yang Momo looked at Zhang Ping, who was standing dumbfounded at the bottom of the wall with a broom in his hand, and said curiously: “What is he doing? Can't it be that broken secret script has taught him something? “

No one could see his expression on Huang Fu Jie's masked face, so he whispered: “No, he's just worrying.”

“Oh? He can worry too?” Yang momo thinks this young master is the most free of worries in the world .
Even if he is an eunuch who was looked down upon, he was able to be safe and sound, and fell asleep better than anyone else at night.

“Of course, he will worry.
He is not stupid.
Not only is he not stupid, he is also very clever.
You see, he never makes a case for himself.
We see him as happier than others, because he is good at simplifying complex things.
“Huang Fu Jie dropped a chess piece in the middle palace.

“Yeah, he's also good at making simple things complicated.” Yang momo watched him dropping his piece, she raised her eyebrows.
The kid's chess skills have improved greatly.

“At least I know he help me let out anger and tried hard not to implicate me, and did it so cleanly that people were embarrassed to even talk about him.
How many people has he punished for me in the palace these two years? But no one ever suspected him.
Do you think he's smart or not?”

For a while, Yang momo was speechless.
Although the boy sometimes did something that made people's eyes twitch, it seemed that he had never messed up anything.

“He has learned.
You see, he seems reckless, but in fact, he is very careful.
Even those little retaliations, he has made great progress in the past two years, only after he is sure of ten percent.” Huang Fu Jie piece have cut off the opposite's rear support.

Yang Momo's eyes flashed a little light, changing the topic and saying, “This time the emperor ordered Crown Prince to investigate the eldest princess humiliation case,What are your plans?”


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