Opening the curtain, Zhang Ping was staring at him inside.

Huang Fu Jie smirked, “Sorry, I almost made a fool of myself*.
Fortunately, he's still a little wary of my grandfather.”1

“Why do you have to let me make this look for the crown prince?” This was Zhang Ping who didn't understand from the moment he heard the crown prince was coming and Huang Fu Jie made this request to him.

“Isn't that what you said, the best way to make the other person think you are not threatening is to distract them with playthings*.
I'm playing with you, it's the same right?”1

“Same shit!” Zhang Ping was furious.
“Then what are you tying me up for?  And take off my clothes? I've already promised to act for you, so why do you need to confuse me with Yang momo's drug!”

Huang Fu Jie takes off his mask and continues to smirk.
How would you tell Zhang Ping that his purpose for acting in this show was to kill two birds with one stone?

“You're not going to untie me!” Zhang Ping was so exasperated that he forgot all about it.

“Oh, yes, I'm coming.”

Huang Fu Jie reached out and opened the quilt first.

Then the fifteen-year-old teen coughed.

Zhang Ping under the quilt wore nothing but the rope on his body.

Huang Fu Jie felt the rope head.

“You hit the end of the rope here? ” Zhang Ping almost fainted.

Huang Fu Jie slowly pulled the rope head.

Zhang Ping's face became increasingly red.
In the future, if he promised to accompany him to perform this kind of play, he would directly hang himself with a rope.

“Ah! ” Zhang Ping shouted sharply, his voice short, but it made both of them shake a little.

With this shake, the knot seemed to tangle even tighter.

“Hurry up!” Zhang Ping urged.

“I'll be right away.
The more you rush, the more messed up I get.”

Fuck you! Zhang Ping wanted to cut someone with a knife, did he tie a knot here? You ….
Who did you learn from how to tie it?

Huang Fu Jie had to open Zhang Ping's legs in order to loosen the knot of the rope.

Because the drug had not yet worn off, Zhang Ping, who was at the mercy of others, closed his eyes and refused to look.
It would be nice to not feel it.

But that feeling is so obvious…….!

Huang Fu Jie stared between Zhang Ping's parted legs, this was the third time he had seen it.

For the first time, he was young, and there was no improper thought except that it's leaving a deep impression as the present fantasy.

The second time, shortly after the crown prince entered the Ruihua Palace, because he got the news too late, it took a lot of time to just prepare.
When he dosed Zhang Ping with drugs and tied the rope to him, he just looked at it in a hurry and didn't have time to appreciate it carefully.

For the third time, he gulped, not knowing when the next time would be, so this time he had to see enough! Also need to touch it enough!

Zhang Ping has a little protrusion there, not much, like a scar.
Many people may think it's ugly, but Huang Fu Jie thinks it's nothing, because it's Zhang Ping's body and the price Zhang Ping paid for him to enter the palace.

Yes, he has determined that Zhang Ping entered the palace for his sake.

Huang Fu Jie was afraid of hurting him, and deliberately staggered a little while binding, but now after Zhang Ping struggles, he just gets stuck on it.
From there to the groin, a straight line formed.


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Zhang Ping didn't know if it was painful or he felt upset, his body was shaking slightly.

Huang Fu Jie picked up the rope and touched it lightly with his fingers.

A strange groan escaped from Zhang Ping's mouth.
He wanted to pee.

Huang Fu Jie is getting bold and reaches out his thumb to rub.

Zhang Ping let out a loud swearing.

By the time Yang momo and they came in, Huang Fu Jie had already untied the rope and given Zhang Ping his clothes.

Zhang Ping's face is flushed red and his eyes are hazy.
At first glance, he startles the two old and the two young ones.

Zhang Ping is angry.

The Crown Prince has just left Ruihua Palace, and the fifth prince, Huang Fu Liu, had received news from Huang Fu Jie.

After reading the note, Huang Fu Liu shattered it.
He knew what to do.
He wasn't interested in being emperor, but he was quite interested in dragging the eldest prince behind.
And there is no loss or danger to him doing so.

Just giving a little suggestion though.

Zhang Ping didn't want this to happen again, just as the Crown Prince didn't want to hear anyone mention to him about the relationship between the daughter of Li You, the Minister of war, and Wei Wenxin, the Hanlin Bachelor.

If no one mentioned it to him, he could just pretend that he didn't know about it and wait for Emperor Sheng to bestow the marriage.

If anyone mentions it to him, it means that he knows that the woman he is marrying is the beloved of his confidant.
It was then that he would have to consider giving up a party.

Wei Wenxin, he did not want to lose this powerful arm before he ascended the throne.

Li Dianzhi, the girl of splendid prospect*, he has long been interested in her, but how troublesome that his trusted confidant also likes her, so he hesitated to make a move.1

It happened that Emperor Sheng wanted to appoint a crown prince consort for him, and what's more, his royal father thought that the crown prince could marry the daughter of the Minister of  war, which was of great benefit to him in consolidating the position of crown prince, so he wanted to nominate Li Dianzhi to him.
So for love or power, he can not give up this woman.

What should I do? Now even the ugly fourth who doesn't concern about the political affairs knows about Wei Wenxin and Li Dianzhi.
It is hard to guarantee that this matter will not spread.
In any case, for the sake of apparent friendship, he have to give up on the daughter of the Li family.

Maybe Lao fifth said well.
Huang Fu Hun thought of the suggestions put forward by the fifth Prince today.

As soon as Lao fifth saw him coming, he seemed to understand why he had come.
He told him directly that he didn't know anything about it and that there was no enmity between him and the eldest princess.

For Lao Fifth to know about the humiliation of the eldest princess, Huang Fu Hun did not find it strange either.
After all, the chief in charge of the palace guards was his maternal uncle.

Huang Fu Hun also understood that the matter had nothing to do with him,

this fifth brother has always been obedient, compared to all the brothers, except for Ugly Fourth, the one he was most at ease with was this Lao fifth who had no backer or background.

After chatting with him for a few minutes, the old fifth mentioned that there are not many people who know about the incident of humiliation now, and it's not like the eldest princess is so agonizing as to threaten to die every day.
It's better to take this opportunity to recruit a son-in-law for the eldest princess to appease her and also to avoid rumors that damage the princess's reputation in the future,1


And several brothers and sisters know that the eldest princess likes Hanlin Bachelor Weiwenxin, it is better to let the father emperor give marriage.
The Princess and Hanlin are also a good story to tell*, and Wei Wenxin itself is his confidant.
If he marries his fellow sister, then naturally he will be more close to him.1

The more Huang Fu Hun thought about it, the more he thought that it was feasible.

Yeah, that's it! He married Li Dianzhi as the Crown Prince Consort, and Wei Wenxin married the Eldest Princess, everyone was happy.
What better idea could there be than to have it both ways? He should immediately suggest to his father, the sooner the better.

“His Royal Highness marries the daughter of the Li family, and Wei Daren marries the First Princess, it's only good for them, nothing bad isn't it?” Qingyun asked Zhang Ping in puzzlement.

Zhang Ping took a look at Huang Fu Jie, who was fighting with Zhao Gonggong, but did not speak.
He is still angry.

Qingyun didn't know what Zhang Ping was angry about.
At that time, they stopped the crown prince because Wangye asked them to do so.
They didn't know what was going on in the room.

Yang Momo smiled kindly, answering : “It's called a long-term plan.”

Qingyun turned her head to look at Yang Momo.

Yang Momo raised the flowers and plants she was embroidering and asked Zhang Ping, “what do you think? “

Zhang Ping swept a glance and continued to pinch his walnut : “It's fine, better than my mother's embroidery.”

“Ha ha.” Yang Momo laugh happily.
“Don't look down on embroidery boy, It's a skill.
Vision, patience, stability, carefulness and imagination are indispensable.”

“Momo, you haven't said why this is the long-term plan.” Qingyun is coquettish.
Bailian also came over curious.

Yang Momo sighed, scratching her scalp with an embroidery needle, and said, “Both of you have vision far behind compared to his highness.”

“Of course, he is his highness.”

“You all know that Wei Daren likes Miss Li, right?”


“Do you think that after the crown prince married Miss Li, Miss Li would be happy?”

“The crown prince is a lecherous man.” Bailian suddenly said.

“Yang Momo smiled,” do you think he will be satisfied with just marrying one crown princess consort? “

“No.” This time it was Qingyun's turn to shake his head.
“As far as this servant knows, the crown prince has four side consort*, and there are no less than 100 court maids ranking high.”

“Do you think Wei Daren will be happy when he marries the eldest princess?”

“This slave have never heard of an emperor son-in-law who can live happily.
Who is the eldest princess, She is the daughter of the empress, the most invaluable being among daughters, even if she marries Wei Daren, I'm afraid that she is not to be aggrieved.
Wei Daren's hard days are ahead.
” Qingyun lamented.1

“You see, two couples can see that they're not going to be happy in their future lives.
It can be said that Wei Daren and the daughter of the Li family are the victims of two separate marriages.
Wei Daren can bear the resentment of his sweetheart being taken away from him today, but what about later? This is the long-term strategy.
Wouldn't it be better to plant a seed and wait for it to germinate and bear fruit later than for us than to waste our time and energy to kill them now?” Yang momo finished, smiling and went to embroider her flowers again.

“Yes, it's always hard for outsiders to kill their way in, but it's easy for insiders to want to collapse themselves.
This is also what is said in the art of war, first to have internal peace than can resist foreign aggression.” Huang Fu Jie walked over and made his final conclusion.

Qingyun and Bailian glanced at each other and went to fetch tea and cloth towels respectively.

Huang Fu Jie pulls Zhang Ping, ” You come with me, I have something to tell you.”

When Zhang Ping pressed his finger, a hard walnut broke into pieces instantly.
Huang Fu Jie's eyelids jumped at once.

As Zhang Ping followed Huang Fu Jie into the room, Yang Momo continued to embroider her flowers with an embroidery needle on her scalp, and Zhao Gonggong came over to lean against his wife

The door closed.

“You can hit me.”


“I know you're angry.
You beat me up to let out your anger.” Huang Fu Jie said as he took off his mask and opened his lapel.」

“You asked me to beat you.
What are you doing undressing?”

“Yesterday I also took off your clothes.
To show fairness, I also take off mine now.
If you need a rope, I can find one for you.”

“No need.
Don't take it off again.”

Huang Fu Jie hesitated for a moment and left a pair of trousers.

“Zhang Ping, I was wrong.
I shouldn't have dragged you into this, the Crown Prince almost killed you yesterday.
Now I feel scared just thinking about that scene.
If that sword of his had cut down yesterday, I would have killed him.” The young man's expression is inexplicably serious.

“Well, don't say that,  it's not good for people to hear.
Anyway, I've decided never to help you with anything like this again.
So let's forget what happened yesterday.” Zhang Ping said with a fierce face as he blew out his breath on his clenched fist : “Wangye, did you mean what you say just now? You really would let me beat you?”

“Hmm.” Huang Fu Jie straightened his chest and closed his eyes tightly.

Zhang Ping waved his fist ……
stopped in front of his nose, gritted his teeth for a long time, and withdrew his fist violently, he couldn't beat him! He's settled on this loss.

Zhang Ping, who lost his anger for some reason, went out with his shoulders down.

Huang Fu Jie opened his eyes and looked up to the door of the house.
His mouth curved slightly.

Soon, the news came from the court that Emperor Sheng granted marriage to the crown prince and the Eldest Princess respectively.

The crown prince married Li Dianzhi, the daughter of Li you, the Minister of war, and the eldest princess married Wei Wenxin, a scholar of Hanlin Academy.
There is no need for celebration or congratulations.
The celebrations and congratulations are self-evident.
The folks are also bustling with noise and excitement for this.

King Ning 's residence is still the same, except that King Ning climbs someone's bed more often at night.

Zhang Ping has beaten him several times and found that he refuses to change after repeated education.
He will sit there in a daze naked for you, or would lie on the bed facing the wall, he will have no choice.+

Later he thought, this kid wasn't too much, he just borrowed his hand every time, and over time he got used to it.

Zhang Ping always scolds himself as the world's greatest idiot when he thinks about this time in the future.
At that time, although he knew that every step of the Wangye of his family's work was well thought out, many things didn't seem to be connected, but in the future they would be linked.
But at that time, he didn't think that his sworn brother would rein him in on this scheme!

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