Familiar breath is closing in

“Zhang Ping.
“Huang Fu Jie called him and squatted down beside him.

“Wangye, please pay attention to your image.
You are no longer a little prince hiding in the deep palace.
“Zhang Ping said without raising his head.

Huang Fu Jie picked up a copper coin on the ground and grinds it back and forth.
He totally ignored Zhang Ping's words and said, “Do you think my father will grant me marriage?”

“Did King Hui manage it for you?” A bit of joy appeared on Zhang Ping's face, as for the copper coin……let him play for a while if he wanted to.

“I don't know what he said to Qiu Daren, but he promised that as long as my royal father granted me marriage personally, he would agree to marry off his daughter.

“This is a good thing! If you can marry the daughter of the Minister of Revenue, first of all you can restrain your mother and Yan Family from controlling you.
But will the emperor agree to appoint this marriage for you ?” Zhang Ping blew out a breath into the sharpened coin's sharp front edge.

“Whether he agrees or not, I will not marry Qiu Xinlan in the end.

“Why?” Zhang Ping spread out his palm, and King Ning handed him the copper money in his hand, then he took another copper coin and continued to grind it on the ground to play.

“No matter the Crown Prince or the King of Hui, even the King of An will not let me marry the daughter of the Minister of Revenue.
For them, it is a waste to marry the daughter of an important minister to such a useless son as me.

“Then why are you? “

“I need an excuse.
“The graffiti that Huang Fu Jie casually drew with his hand formed a pattern.

Zhang Ping didn't notice it first, and then swept a glance before noticing that the graffiti was clearly the terrain that he had been seeing on King Ning's sandboard* all this time.1

“What's that stuff here? “

Huang Fu Jie raised his head and said with a smile, “Zhang Ping, Zhang Ping, if only you are not a eunuch……
tsk tsk! “

Zhang Ping laughed twice, not even hiding his smugness on his face.

Huang Fu Jie likes to see his smug little appearance, which makes his heart unbearably itchy.

“As the grand general of cavalry, my grandfather always gets some news earlier than others.
Now it's just some momentum.
Perhaps it won't be long before this momentum turns into a booklet lying in the case of the father emperor's official record.4

Zhang Ping stopped sharpening his copper coin, an unconcealed excitement in his expression, “You mean…we have a chance to leave the capital?”

Huang Fu Jie blinked at him childishly.

Zhang Ping jumped up happily.

Seeing that he was happy, Huang Fu Jie hearth softened and wanted to hug him.

“I don't know how things will develop.
Zhang Ping, if my father really means marriage for me, and Qiu Xinlan has to marry me.
What would you think? “

“What would I think?” Zhang Ping froze for a moment and sat back down on the stone again.

“If you do not marry now, you will marry in the future.
Even if Miss Qiu is forced to marry you, she will be your Princess Consort*.
You should treat the person well and don't deliberately scare that other family young lady “1

“I know you are worried about your children.
You can not consummate the marriage first, and wait for the matter to settle down, it won't be too late to consummate the marriage when you come back afterward.
Besides, if you really guess that the situation at the border is in a state of emergency and if we can really go through it, we will not be able to return for two or three years.”1


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“Do you want me to marry a wife? ” Huang Fu Jie knelt down beside Zhang Ping and hugged his waist and asked softly.

Zhang Ping subconsciously reaches out his hand and pushes him gently.
Huang Fu Jie is no longer a child.
Their posture is rather too intimate.
If someone saw this majestic Wangye, who would kneel down in front of a eunuch and hold his waist ……Ahem, last time this man seems to have washed his feet?

Huang Fu Jie didn't let him go, but he still kept his posture.

“What's there for me to want or not want, you are not a eunuch, of course you have to marry a wife and have children.” Zhang Ping saw that he could not push away and had no choice but to let him.

“But I don't want those women.
Zhang Ping, you know the crown prince sent me two concubines, right? “

Zhang Ping nodded.
He not only knew about it but also heard some wonderful rumors.

“I tried.
It didn't work.”

What do you mean?

“Zhang Ping,” King Ning spoke in a low voice, “I might just have to hold you, those women…I can't.”

“Can't? You mean that one doesn't work?” Zhang Ping's voice is lower.
He remembers he was very good at it.

King Ning nodded.

Zhang Ping is sceptical, those rumors did not say so.
But perhaps the rumors were false, and he also did not go in to serve.
Those in charge of serving that day were Qingyun and Bailian.

“Zhang Ping, will you look down on me?”

“No.” How can I look down on others as a eunuch.
Somehow you can still do something to me …..Ahem, Zhang Ping suddenly felt a heat wave rising from the bottom of his feet and slowly spreading to his whole body.

“Will you let me continue to sleep with you?”

Zhang Ping suddenly began to bend down to grind the copper coins and concentrate on grinding them.
Even forgot about a pair of hands tied around his waist.

Huang Fu jie 's face showed a little evil-like smile, and instead lay on Zhang Ping's back, allowing him to bear all his weight.

Zhang Ping …
Carrying a heavy spirit on his back, still grinding hard.

Huang Fu Jie received a letter from Qiu Xinlan shortly after he begged Emperor Sheng to marry her.

The words in the letter are sincere, expressing the gentleness and tenderness distinctive to a girl.

Judging from the lines, it can be seen that Qiu Xinlan is a great lady* who is highly cultured with good upbringing.1

But no matter how gentle and courteous the letter is, it only expresses one thing: she doesn't want to marry him.

Huang Fu Jie read the letter with a smile on his lips.
After reading it, he immediately wrote back a reply.

The main idea is how he fell in love with her at first sight, and how he was haunted by her.
In this life, he only wanted to be her companion, and nothing else.
I hope the other side can see his infatuation, and then consider their possibility.

The letter soon arrived in the hands of King Hui.
When Qiu Xinlan received the letter, the crown prince also got a copy of the letter.

The crown prince is furious and scolds the second one for trying to pull Ugly Fourth in with beauty trap*.
He must ruin this affair.1

Wei Wenxin persuaded him to think twice, saying that if they do something to the Qiu family, inevitably people will suspect them.
This matter needs to be looked at again.

Then the Crown Prince thought for a moment and asked Wei Wenxin: “what do you think if this crown prince takes in the daughter of the Qiu family as a concubine as well? In this way, both Lao second and the ugly fourth will be fighting for nothing.”1

Wei Wenxin lowered his head and raised his head again, and he smiled: The Qiu family is from the side of King Hui, Let alone they won't agree to marry their daughter.
Even if they marry, they will only send a spy.
Besides, it's not easy for you to explain it to Li Daren, Minister of War.

The Crown Prince said no more.
But his face was somewhat disapproving.
He's the Crown Prince prince.
Can't he marry any woman he wants? As a Crown Prince, he can't have only one crown prince's consort around him, right?

On the third day after the letter came out, Huang Fu Jie went to visit Qiu Daren, the Minister of Revenue.

Qiu Jie's attitude towards him after seeing him was nonchalant, while his words were filled with the slickness of the Minister of Revenue.1

Shortly after Huang Fu Jie arrived, he sensed that someone was peeking behind the screen at him.

Huang Fu Jie does not care either, after some chatting about the situation in the court, he left.

Qiu Xinlan's reply came.
This time, her words were harsh.
First of all, she expressed her gratitude, and then said that if King Ning forced her again, she could only become a nun.

Huang Fu Jie took the letter and smiled for a long time.
Then he went to find Zhang Ping in tears.

In order to comfort him, Zhang Ping shared the same bed and same pillow* with him that night. While Huang Fu Jie was rubbing lightly against him in his arms, he still advised him to look ahead there are plenty of fish in the sea* .2

When Huang Fu Jie reached into his clothes, he hesitated, and then tacitly consented.

That night, he was terribly in pain.
Later he learned that the first night was not so painful because of the medication and expansion.

However, Zhang Ping felt that the second time was much better than the first.
Despite the pain, it wasn't as mentally uncomfortable for as long as the first time.

Maybe it was because of being watched for the first time.
Zhang Ping thought.
At that time, he really had no dignity.

The second prince showed the meaning of trying to win over the fourth prince, and in the middle of the morning court, he said that the fourth prince was infatuated with the daughter of the Qiu Family, and begged the emperor Sheng to grant marriage for King Ning.

Qiu Jie's expression couldn't tell what he was thinking and only said that his daughter was still young and he hoped to wait another couple years.+

Emperor Sheng's reaction was also expected by all ministers, only that he would consider it.

Soon, Qiu Xinlan announced to the outside world that she wanted to shave her hair to practice Buddhism*.

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