Three years passed in a flash.

Zhang Ping stands on the head of the city.

Raising his head up, he seems to be able to hear the killing from afar.
Lowering his head, he seemed to be able to smell the bloody smell that had been accumulating for many years.

The blood boiled through the body.

He knew it was all illusions.
The Xiongnu army has retreated for the time being, waiting for the next spring to make a comeback.1

He still remembered that at the beginning, after a month and a half of marching on foot* following the first army rushing to the mouth of Yanmen Pass, he was immediately shaken by the magnificent Yanmen Pass which was nestled in the mountains and dangers.

This first pass under heaven* is over looking Yanmen mountain in the East and leaning against Longshan mountain in the West.
The two mountains face each other in the shape of Tianmen. It consists of three parts of city wall :  Guancheng  (defensive fort over border post), Wengcheng(enceinte of a city gate)and Weicheng (fortress).
The Guancheng have three gate facing East , West and North that were opened, but now due to the war, the three gates are extremely strict in checking the entry and exit.2

Inside the Guancheng, the north gate is the Wengcheng*, and outside Wengcheng there is a Weicheng(fortress).
The fortress is built according to the mountain trend.
The south end of the city wall is connected with the East and West wings of the city, and the north is extended along the ridge to the valley bottom.
The gate is also built at the closure.
There are three big stone walls and twenty-five small stone walls built outside the fortress city to form a barrier.

With such a pass entrance, it is no wonder that the Xiongnu have had to look at the wall and sigh to the city for centuries.

In the past three years, when attacking or defending, Juedun The Chanyu* didn't break into Yanmen pass and they also did not push the Xiongnu to retreat.1

Half a month ago, the northern part of the Great Wall entered the winter, and the Xiongnu returned to their encampment and waited for the spring to come.

And they can also relax their breath and return to Yanmen pass to guard.

“Dangerous peaks where the geese passing by in autumn tint, and thousands of miles of yellow sand scattered in the setting sun.”2

Zhang Ping did not look back.
He knew who was the one who expressed his feelings.

“Autumn is long over.
The third prince also returned to the capital.”

“I know”

“Aren't you going back?” The man was already much taller than him, probably half his head.
He's not exactly short, but let's just say the man is abnormally developed.

“You want me to go back?

Zhang Ping turned his head and shook his head.
To be honest, he was many times happier here than in the capital.

“I'm not going back.
It wouldn't do me any good to go back now.
I've had a hard time getting a bit of a foothold here and a team of my own, but if I go back, all that will be gone.” Huang Fu Jie stretched out his hand to caress the fort wall's battlement gap.

“Yeah, the third prince was returning with honor, It is indispensable to reward him.
In less than two years, he was promoted from rapid as Tiger Commandant to the post of Right General.
But you, Sir Cavalry Captain, you 're far behind.
After 3 years, you can only be promoted from a deputy to a chief captain” Zhang Ping with haha mocked his Cavalry Captain Wangye.




Title: Thousand Autumns / 千秋Author: Meng Xi Shi / 梦溪石Publisher: JJWXCCouple: Psycho Seme X Pretty Daoist Priest UkeGenre: Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial Arts…

Transmigrated Into The Flim Emperor's Death…


His filming opportunities were taken by others, his boyfriend cheated on him, he gave up a rich, tall handsome fiance and devoted himself to a scumbag.
In the end, he wa…

The General's Cat always wants to climb into…


Summary:When Shen Zhifan awoke, he had become the nation's male god.The type of male god that everyone in the world, crying and shouting, wants to marry.However, beca…

The Elegant Dancing Years By Huo Li (火狸) | BL


Translator: Indus Author: Huo Li (火狸) Original Title: 韶华舞流年 Genre: Action, Adventure, Adult, Historical, Mystery, Smut, Yaoi [BL] Length: 188 Chapters + 25 Extr…

It's Over! The Major General is Bent! [Inter…


It's over! The Major General is Bent! [Interstellar BL]Chinese name: 完了,少将弯了[星际]Source: onebook.php?novelid=30Author: TianLuoShui (天洛水)When the…

The Return Of Cambrian Period – Shui Quian C…


In the history of geology, more than 500 million years ago, there was a period of the Paleozoic Era known as the Cambrian Period.
This period, being the first period of…

BL: Winner Takes All 谁把谁当真 (by: ShuiQianChen…


Title: 谁把谁当真 (Winner Takes All)Author:水千丞 (ShuiQianCheng)Translator: 月野 見事 (TsukinoMigoto)Protagonists :黎朔 (LiShuo), 赵锦辛 (ZhaoJinXin)*DISCLAIMER: I am not the origin…


“Whose patriarch is more brilliant* than me.

Zhang Ping was stupefied for a while, then he began to chuckle.

There is an allusion to what Huang Fu Jie just said.1

He remembers when they first arrived, The Grand General Liu Bai introduced the two princes to the high-ranking military officers.
It was said that there were actually two princes joining the army this time, and most of the generals frowned secretly, treating both of them as trouble.1

The third prince is under the direct control of the grand general, and because of his own request, Huang Fu Jie, like an ordinary cavalry captain, is under the jurisdiction of military high-ranking military officers whose military rank is higher than him.。

And his immediate superior, was Tao Zhenggang, a Martial Virtue Cavalry Captain who served as the chief*

Tao Zhenggang's personality is the same as his name, smelly and straight, and his words are merciless.
When he led Huang Fu Jie to his residence the first day, he asked, “You say you are proper Wangye aren't you, What are you doing to insist on going to the battlefield? Do you think of getting a military achievement to strive for the throne?1

I don't think you have much hope.
The third prince's highness is rapid as tiger chief commandant, who is in charge and is directly under the grand general.
But you have to be a cavalry captain.
It can be seen that although you are all princes, the difference is not small.

Huang Fu Jie, wearing a mask, was not angry when he heard him said this.
He smiled and said, “Yes, whose patriarch is more brilliant than me?”.

Tao Zhenggang wanted to ask him why he wore a mask, but he couldn't ask.

Since then, this has become an excuse he will always say when people compare him with the third prince.
Over time, everyone who heard it took this sentence as a joke.

“If you laugh again, I'll fuck you till you cry tonight.”6

Zhang Ping's laughter was stuck in his neck.

“Hey, I say my lord cavalry captain, what's your intention by your mediocre performance in the past three years? Why did every time I want to show off you always won't let me? ” Zhang Ping, who had learned not to argue with Huang Fu Jie over this matter for the past three years, quickly changed the subject.

Huang Fu Jie glanced at him.
“You can laugh.
I like to see you laugh.
Thinking about it, I haven't slept with you for a long time, have I?”

“Cough cough! Lord Cavalry Captain, you are only eighteen years old, please don't speak like a perverted old man.”

Zhang Ping didn't want to show weakness either, but somehow for the past three years, he was a little scared of the youth in front of him.

For example, when it comes to bed matter, he can't refuse him completely.
Sometimes he feels that he has done everything in front of him anyway, and it doesn't mean much to refuse.
that doesn't mean he can accept some perverted behaviors.?」

“Zhang Ping, would you allow me to tie you up for a night and I promise not to touch you for half a month? “3

Good you demon! What Zhang Ping couldn't understand the most was why this guy tried to tie him up like a Zongzi dumpling* whenever he had a chance?2

“Huang Fu Jie, don't go too far.” Zhang Ping berate him in a low voice

Huang Fu Jie chuckled softly.
When Zhang Ping calls him by his full name, he would generally restrain a little.

“It's useless for Lao third to rise fast in the army, he will have no real power once he returns to the capital.
Military power was still in the hands of his grandfather.
But he can't stay in the army all the time as long as he still has that seat in mind.”


“As for me, it 's different.
Even my mother and my grandfather probably haven't put much hope on me.
As far as my grandfather is concerned, he may prefer me to make great achievements in the army.
At best to learn the skill of controlling soldiers.
In the future, when granted the right to rule at the fiefdom we could secretly recruit soldiers and build our own army.”1

Zhang Ping nodded, “how much have you achieved in the Qiankun jiezi* skill now?

*heaven and earth seed

“Seventy percent, and you? “

Zhang Ping complacently smiled: “one day we should exchange blow, you should be too weak, be careful that I beat you and make you crawl.”

Huang Fu Jie looked at his proud little look, He can't wait to catch him over and ruthlessly ravage him.

“Are you so sure you can beat me? Shall we make a bet?”

“Bet what?” Zhang Ping is also interested.
He has always wanted to find a bright opportunity to teach the increasingly despicable Prince Highness a lesson.
Since he especially delivered himself to his doorstep, he would not refuse it.1

“If I lose, I will tell you why I have to perform mediocre for three years and my next plan.
If I win, I will use a rope to make close-fitting underwear for you.”

Huang Fu Jie laughed and smiled amiably.

Zhang Ping also laughed, gritting his teeth with laughter.

“Good! But there's another one.
If you lose, you're not allowed to take me to bed for a year.”1

“It's a deal!”

“It's a deal!”

This master and servant were standing on the walls of the Yanmen Pass, facing each other and laughing sinisterly

That night, in the dorm of the Martial Virtue Cavalry Captain.

Zhang Ping was tied like a frog, lying on his back on the bed.

“You're despicable!”

“Haven't you ever heard that all is fair in war*?”3

The smile of Huang Fu Jie, who was not wearing a mask, looked quite fierce, and he was already eighteen years old, his face was unusually deep, especially his eyes, deeply Set beneath the brow bone, it was as if that face had been carved out.
And the upside-down V shape*blood red birthmark on his face made him look fierce even when he wasn't being fierce.1

If you comment on it seriously, Huang Fu Jie's face wasn't ugly and could even be described as masculine.
But no one dared to stare at his face for a long time, often being first deterred by the intimidating bloody energy as soon as he showed his face.

Over the past three years, Huang Fu Jie had been mediocre, but he had killed many people.
Zhang Ping sometimes felt like he was practicing swords with those Xiongnu warriors without any sympathy and killing them happily.
This was also the reason why Zhang Ping was somehow afraid of him —— the man didn't seem to take human life seriously.

“Didn't we agree to compete with martial art? How can you use drugs? Woo! What are you doing!”1

Huang Fu Jie ruthlessly sucked on the soft skin between his thigh leaving a blood red mark, and then he looked up and say:

“Why not? You didn't say the rules to not use it.
And your martial art is better than mine, if I don't use some medicine powder, I won't be able to win, right?”2


“Zhang Ping, didn't the trainer momo tell you to clean your body every night so that you can serve me at any time? Why don't you listen well?”


Huang Fu Jie spread his palms to cover Zhang Ping's most vulnerable place, and he pressed his hand and rubbed it hard.

Zhang Ping made a short scream of “ah”.

“Huang Fu Jie! I won't have you bully a eunuch like this!”

“Oh, poor brother Zhang Ping, you are wrong, I will not bully other eunuchs like this, I will only bully you like this.
You should be grateful that you have lost the root, otherwise …”

Huang Fu Jie smiled and slowly took off his clothes.
He liked Zhang Ping so much at this moment.

“Don't rush it, Ping.
Tonight is long, we can take it easy.” Although he was only 18 years old, his royal highnesses height and build was absolutely worthy of being called a man, he lowered his head and poked the little lovely navel with the tip of his tongue.

Zhang Ping's eyes turned, hoping he could knock himself out.

Zhang Ping opened his mouth and gasped, lying on Huang Fu Jie's lap.

Huang Fu Jie touched his hair gently with one hand and pinched and kneaded between his thighs with the other hand.

He had just let out once in his body, and now he is not so eager.
As he said, the night is still very long, and he will enjoy it.

“Does it hurt?” The tall teenager asked from time to time.

“Hurt, don't mess it again.
Untie the rope!” Zhang Ping moved his neck uncomfortably.

“Is it very painful?” The boy put three fingers into the cavity at once.
It was used once, and it was very hot.
Because it is lubricated by semen, it is not difficult for fingers to rotate in it.

Zhang Ping's body trembled and made a groaning sound like in pain but not in pain.

“Let me put some ointment on you.
I remember that you like those ointments very much.
Every time I help you smear it, you would cry and shout with joy.”

“Huang Fu Jie! “

“Shhh, if anyone hears you calling my name out loud like that, careful or you'll be punished for disrespect.
Come, call yourself a slave for me to listen.”


“Follow me and say: This slave wants it, Wangye hurry up use your dick to pierce me, pierce me hard.
When you say it, I will untie the rope.”

“If I say it……
would you really untie the rope for me?”1

Huang Fu Jie nodded, thinking he couldn't see it, and said specifically “Not only will I untie the rope for you, I won't enter you again tonight.”

“This slave want it , Wangye hurry up use your dick to pierce me, pierce me hard”

Zhang Ping finished in one breath.
In a word, He wouldn't let his bastard prince continue to find reasons to spoil him.

Huang Fu Jie's face turn green.
“That didn't count.
Come again.” Hold the person in the front, he look at him and say.

“Aren't you annoying? Do you find it interesting to toss me like this? Ah! Don't don't don't! I'll say it I'll say it.
Wangye, please don't torture slaves anymore, slaves are so uncomfortable there, Wangye …”

Huang Fu Jie gulped

Although castrated, Zhang Ping, who has exercised his body very hard due to martial arts, looks just like a normal man.
Even seems more capable.

But such Zhang Ping, in a hoarse and soft tone, called himself a slave.
His eyes were full of black because of anger and other reasons.
That supposedly perfect male body was flawed in the most important part.
And he was tied up by himself.

With several obscure sexual stimulation factors all mixed together, how can the 18-year-old Huang Fu Jie bear it.

“Zhang Ping……”

Huang Fu Jie holds Zhang Ping in his lap, he straightens himself and penetrates him.

Zhang Ping's head sagged and suffered a lot.

It was reasonable to say that Zhang Ping should be very angry, but he didn't understand how he could be so soft on that kid so easily.

After being tossed by him all night, they still had to do something the next day.
He never thought about stabbing that kid with a knife or anything.

Could it be said that if the root is cut below, even the heart will become like a woman? Zhang Ping was wary.

But isn't it said that a woman's heart is poisoned? Madam Xian Fei is also a woman, and he doesn't see her having a soft heart, and this is still to her own son.
This fact can prove that softness of the heart has little to do with men and women.

And they heard the reason why the Xiongnu invaded the border this time, it is said that it is also related to women.

Huang Fu Jie told him that the previous generation of Chanyu married a 16-year-old bride Yueshi* at the age of 60, but unfortunately his youngest son Juedun thought about taking possession of her when he saw the beautiful young stepmother.

Later, the Yueshi alliance with King Yue and Juedun, killing the previous generation Chanyu and two elder brothers who were likely to ascend to throne, and became the new Xiongnu ruler.

Five years later, the young Juedun led the army to attack Yanmen pass and harassed the border people from time to time.
The only reason was one word from Yueshi: she doesn't want to live a nomadic life.
She wants to live in the prosperous central plains and become the most noble woman in the world.

Because of Yueshi's hope, Juedun, who loves Yueshi like a demon, decides to fulfill her wish.
Moreover, occupying the Central Plains was originally the dream of a Chan Yu.
After nearly 20 years of resting and building up strength, he felt that they had this power again.

Although The Daya empire is powerful, but in the last twenty years, especially because the current Emperor, Emperor Sheng has favored culture over arms and military*, the military strength of The Daya are no longer as intimidating as before.
There have been even fewer large scale battles in the last thirty years, leading to an increasingly obvious neglect of military officials by Emperor Sheng.
For this reason not only the Xiongnu, but also others such as Xiqiang and Daewan began to move.2

Everyone wants a piece of this fatty meat.
Huang Fu Jie laughed and said so to him.
Not only the outer races, even within Daya, there are some ambitious and powerful people, which of them were not eyeing* that throne?1

If I can take that seat, I would definitely have fun with them.
It must be very interesting.

Zhang Ping sighed, he didn't like Huang Fu Jie's tone of treating human lives and even the world as a child's play.
But he also didn't want him to actually have to bear anything.
It's a very contradictory psychology.



The days of one life is only this flat* to live by.1

Many people in the city did not know that he was a eunuch, for he had changed into the clothes of an ordinary soldier since the first two days of his arrival at Yanmen Pass.
Considering that the fourth prince needs someone to serve on him as he accompanies the army, it's always inconvenient to have a eunuch with the Captain Cavalryman.
Huangfu Jie took the initiative to ask Zhang Ping to change out of his eunuch costume, and Great General Liu Bai naturally didn't say much.

The winter in northern border* is quite long.1

Huang Fu Jie took along Zhang Ping all day long to army training and drills

In three years, he already had a team loyal to him.
Not many people though, only 2,000.
But these 2,000 men were the most powerful archers in the entire army, and the other abilities they possessed were unknown.

Of course, even fewer people knew that he had secretly sent out some of the men who had sworn allegiance to him, and then replaced them with others who had come in.
To and fro, his team had remained at two thousand, but he had secretly transferred no less than a hundred men.
And that, even Zhang Ping wasn't very clear.

In three years, he secretly weaved a net and spread it; in the past three years, he used actual combat to correspond to Great General Liu 's strategy and tested his ideas.
Sometimes he thought his ideas were better, sometimes he was surprised by Great General Liu's tactics.

He knows he is still young and lacks experience.
He is not arrogant nor hot-tempered, does not compete for merit and does not complain, buying people's hearts and minds while following the plan step by step.

Sometimes he'd be anxious, and sometimes in the middle of the night when he would dream back, sinking in his childhood nightmare and struggling to wake up, he would hate, hating it so much that he couldn't control his killing intent.

That's when he would go looking for Zhang Ping.
The wonderful thing was that Zhang Ping, who usually made some excuses to refuse*, was always stunned for a while when he saw this, and then silently lay down on the bed and let him toss him around.1

He didn't control himself last night.
He remembered that Zhang Ping seemed to be hurt by him.
But when he woke up in the morning, he found that the person on his bedside* had long gone.1

Picking up a hair from the pillow, Huangfu Jie's face was gloomy.
He didn't like the fact that Zhang Ping ran off without telling him anything.
Yet this happened many times.
He thought that maybe he should mention it to Zhang Ping again and let him know where he was going and what he was doing from now on.

Zhang Ping was now sitting in a breakfast stall in front of the city wall's drinking porridge and eating fried dough sticks*.1

Got to say, Porridge and fried dough sticks are the perfect matches for breakfast.
If there was an additional salted duck egg, there is nothing more to say.
Unfortunately, the stall owner doesn't serve salted duck eggs*, He serves soy egg*.2

“Hey, madman, did you fall into the ditch last night? Why is it so smelly? “Zhang Ping, holding the stick in his mouth, beckoned the stall owner to serve a bowl of porridge to the man lying on the table.

The man who was called a madman by Zhang Ping raised his head and chuckled twice.
He sniffed the porridge smell when he sniffed his nose.
He grabbed the porridge bowl from the stall owner's hand, didn't use chopsticks, and just pour it down his mouth.

The stall owner was startled and scolded: “Damn madman, don't break the bowl!”

The madman ignored him, and after drinking the porridge, went to grab the soy egg in Zhang Ping's dish.




Title: Thousand Autumns / 千秋Author: Meng Xi Shi / 梦溪石Publisher: JJWXCCouple: Psycho Seme X Pretty Daoist Priest UkeGenre: Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial Arts…

Transmigrated Into The Flim Emperor's Death…


His filming opportunities were taken by others, his boyfriend cheated on him, he gave up a rich, tall handsome fiance and devoted himself to a scumbag.
In the end, he wa…

The General's Cat always wants to climb into…


Summary:When Shen Zhifan awoke, he had become the nation's male god.The type of male god that everyone in the world, crying and shouting, wants to marry.However, beca…

The Elegant Dancing Years By Huo Li (火狸) | BL


Translator: Indus Author: Huo Li (火狸) Original Title: 韶华舞流年 Genre: Action, Adventure, Adult, Historical, Mystery, Smut, Yaoi [BL] Length: 188 Chapters + 25 Extr…

It's Over! The Major General is Bent! [Inter…


It's over! The Major General is Bent! [Interstellar BL]Chinese name: 完了,少将弯了[星际]Source: onebook.php?novelid=30Author: TianLuoShui (天洛水)When the…

The Return Of Cambrian Period – Shui Quian C…


In the history of geology, more than 500 million years ago, there was a period of the Paleozoic Era known as the Cambrian Period.
This period, being the first period of…

BL: Winner Takes All 谁把谁当真 (by: ShuiQianChen…


Title: 谁把谁当真 (Winner Takes All)Author:水千丞 (ShuiQianCheng)Translator: 月野 見事 (TsukinoMigoto)Protagonists :黎朔 (LiShuo), 赵锦辛 (ZhaoJinXin)*DISCLAIMER: I am not the origin… 

“Hey, don't rob me all the time, will you? Obviously you are richer than me, but you always come to take advantage of me.” Zhang Ping knows that he can't do martial arts, and he's too embarrassed to rob him, so he has to ask the stall owner to bring him two more soy eggs.

“Yo, isn't this Zhang Gonggong? Come here early in the morning for breakfast.”

Zhang Ping raised his eyes, he knew the person, one of the guards by the Third Prince's side.
He doesn't know what grudge this man had against the eunuch, but in the past three years, whenever he ran into him, he would be ridiculed by this man.

Some time ago he was glad that the third prince finally went back, but just after the New Year, he came back.
This time his official position became a military inspector.

Hearing that the third prince had returned as a military inspector, Huang Fu Jie was in a bad mood.
This means that either the third prince has become more powerful in the court, or their father wants several capable princes to keep each other in check.

As soon as the third prince came back, he summoned Huang Fu Jie, but did not let him follow, he didn't know what was said to his poor Captain Prince.
Huang Fu Jie held back for two days after he came back, and finally caught him to vent last night.

His ass is still hurting, and the root cause was this man's boss.
Zhang Ping was too lazy to even look at him, he took the soy egg and bite hard.

” He he, Zhang Gonggong, It wasn't me who said this, but you can't grow an egg even if you eat all the eggs in this pot.
Haha!” The few officers and soldiers who came out for breakfast with this guard laughed loudly.

Several of the breakfast people were looking at Zhang Ping overtly and covertly, is this man a eunuch? They couldn't really see it in an ordinary soldier uniform.He didn't have an ambiguous aesthetic of a eunuch.

The stall owner was even more surprised.
This ordinary soldier named Zhang Ping didn't know how long he had been coming here to eat breakfast.
He never knew that he was actually a eunuch.

But if you take a closer look, the man in front of you seems to be in his early twenties, and his body is quite strong, but there is not even a single beard on his face, especially on his chin.
He didn't think anything of it before, but now that he looks at it this way, it's a bit strange.

Zhang Ping's expression became quite indifferent, slowly lowering his head to eat his breakfast.
No matter what those people said, he seemed not to hear.

“Old man, give me a bowl of porridge and more fried dough sticks and eggs.” The guard saw no response from him and simply greeted the crowd and sat down together.

“Guard Wu, you don't need the soy eggs, do you? People say what they eat is good for their health, so we don't need to rob people, right?” The speaker looked like he belonged to the infantry battalion by his clothing and was a famous colonel.

“Colonel Wang, didn't I just say that no one can make up for it even if they die.
What's more, even if he comes back, his wangye will only cut him again.

“Gosh, it's so sad about the eunuch.
He doesn't have a penis, so do he usually pee standing up or squatting down? Besides, I heard that eunuchs and maids could also……how did they be played with*?” The colonel surnamed Wang said the latter sentence in a low voice, just as their table could hear.1

Guard Wu let out a strange laugh and deliberately lowered his voice : “I don't know what to do with eunuchs and maids.
But I've heard that our Fourth Prince is a master of both watery and dry roads. Well, ask Zhang Gonggong if you don't believe me.”1

“What did you say? Could it be…

“Don't you think about it, His Highness the Fourth Prince has been in the army for 3 years, have you seen him with a prostitute? Zhang Gonggong, we work hard during the day and it's not easy at night either.
Ha ha ha! “


“Are you serious ? Is this eunuch really doing that with the King of Ning?”

“Is there any need to fake this.
It spread throughout the capital.
The eunuchs, they weren't even considered men, When there were no women wouldn't he make do with him.”

“Pooh! This damned castrated thing, really have no shame! “

Zhang Ping stood up and paid the money early, along with the madman's share.

The colonel surnamed Wang stretched out his foot secretly under contempt, and Zhang Ping could only let himself fall on it.

There was a burst of laughter from the breakfast stand, and Guard Wu called : “Oops, Zhang Gonggong, watch your pants!”

Zhang Ping dusted off the dust and stood up, bowing his head and walked away quickly.

Seeing that Zhang Ping's small plate still had a soy egg uneaten, Colonel Wang shouted even more happily : “Zhang Gonggong, your egg! How did you forget to take your eggs with you.

The people who ate breakfast in addition to this table are some ordinary people, When they see these army ruffians' arrogance, they feel sympathy for eunuch Zhang, there are also those people who together with ridicule.

The man who was called madman by Zhang Ping had been staring at the bowl of porridge in front of him and laughing since those people had opened their mouths to mock Zhang Ping.
Seeing Zhang Ping leave, he didn't care.

He had long known that eunuchs are looked down upon, Before when he was in the palace, he didn't think much of it., but after he got out of the palace, the ridicule in front of and behind him has never been less.

If he were an castrated slave with backing it'd be just as well, it's just that unfortunately their family master can't show his talent*, and sometimes he has to act even more lame than the servant slave he has.1

They a master and a servant, who are clearly capable of learning but can only pretend to be a tortoise and son.
Not to mention, Huang Fu Jie with his status as a prince, even he sometimes feels suffocated.1

Huang Fu Jie can't help but do two things: kill people and sleep with him

He can't hold back and do two things: practice martial arts and eavesdropping on people

Zhang Ping himself couldn't figure out when he had started to enjoy prying into other people's privacy, and then enjoyed the feeling of leaking secrets when he secretly told Huangfu Jie.

Anyway, no matter when it started, his master clearly liked his hobby.
At first he was a little worried about him being found out or something, but after a while, when he got bored, he'd even ask him : What did General Liu eat last night?”

Now he doesn't know what The Great General Liu ate last night, but he knows that there may be changes in the army.

Zhang Ping is sitting in the secret room, listening to the voice coming from behind the wooden partition, and thinks that this is the best place in the world to hide a person

Why is it that the more heavily guarded a place is on the outside, the more lax the guard is “on the inside”? No guard or patrolling soldier would come to check the secret room or the darkroom.
This place is known only to the landlord and his very few henchmen, and they apparently make little use of it.

He stared for two days before he found out that the emperor's envoy lived here.

As for why there is a secret room in the room of the envoy that connects with other rooms, then only ask the landlord.

It's the end of Chensi and the vast majority of people should have finished their breakfast and begun their day's work.
Of course this only means the vast majority of people, some of whom are still tangled up in bed at this point.
Like the one a wooden partition away from him.

“My Lord”

After about half an hour, a call came from the opposite side.。

“Um …
what's the matter?” A slightly squeaky, weird voice sounded.

“My Lord, An Wangye and Liu Yun Daren are here.

“What are they doing here? Send someone in to serve.”


The door rang and two people came into the room.

“Speak “

“Governor Daren took An Wangye and Liu Daren to the inner hall for a secret discussion.
This humble servant has not heard anything yet.”1

“Search again “


“Wait!” The water from the hand towel is strung into the basin.
“Who else knows about our visit, other than Governor Daren?”

“The four soldiers who opened the east gate the night before and a Colonel guarding the city* “1

“Kill them.”

“Yes.” Someone stepped down.

After a rustle, the shrill emissary said to his confidant, “let's go to the garden with me”


The door opens and closes again.
The other side became silent

Zhang Ping stretched his legs and stood up, felt the switch to open the secret room door and slipped out.
He had to thank Yang Momo for teaching him a lot of practical tricks for his convenience to steal what she wanted for her.
For example: to look for a dark room.

There was another person in the room, with a steady and faint breath, presumably still asleep.

Zhang Ping frowned, since just now he was wondering who would sleep in the same bed as a eunuch? Or a middle-aged eunuch nearly half a century old?

Whoever it was, he'd have to make him sleep a little more deeply.

Zhang Ping lifted the hanging curtain.

A girl, about 15 or 6 years old, with long hair and bare face, lies on the inside of the bed.
The weather is still very cold.
Even if there is a stove burning in the house, nothing will be covered in this way.
People who are not ill can freeze out of illness.

Besides, the girl was covered with all kinds of scars.

Those scars are all still fresh.
Some scars are even fatal.

No wonder the sound of breathing is getting fainter.

Zhang Ping is standing in front of the bed.
Save her or not.

To save, even if it's just to cover the girl with a blanket, later on that wily old fox, Hu Rong would find something unusual, and then know that his whereabouts had been exposed.1

Not to save, it is equal to let her die.

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