The boat had been traveling for two days and was approaching the seashore.

Di Er sends a signal to the people on the seashore to prepare to meet them.

A figure appeared in the bow of the ship, it was Zhang Ping who came out for air.

“It's windy tonight, so stay off the side of the ship.”

Zhang Ping obediently stepped back onto the deck and grabbed the handrail beside him, “Are you familiar with these waters? I didn't expect you could navigate on the sea alone.” Zhang Ping praised him.

Dier steering the rudder looking toward the shore , the voyage would soon be over.1

“It's a small boat.
These waters are pretty safe.” Di Er replied after a long while later.

Is this still a small boat?” Zhang Ping is stumped.

“You used to live at sea?” Zhang Ping didn't meant to ask,but he couldn't bear his curiosity.

There was silence.

Zhang Ping didn't expect him to answer and looked at the sea quietly.
The color of the sea water is interesting, the closer to the shore, the murkier it is; the farther you look, the bluer it is.
Layers upon layers, very layered.
The waves swing a little high in the sea breeze, after watching them for a long time one naturally develops a fear of being swallowed by the endless and unfathomable waters.

“He said I had nothing to do with my father's crime.
My father used his power at sea and his ships for his own personal gain, but I did not.
He said he wouldn't vindicate me, but he would give me another identity so I could return to the sea and do what I do best.” Di Er suddenly spoke up.

Zhang Ping did not interrupt.

“I love this sea.
Unlike my brothers and sisters, I grew up on a boat almost from the time I was a child.
My mother was a scandalous whore, many people say that she conceived me on purpose in order to claim connections of higher status of my father's high branch.”1

“But it was this disgraceful woman who jumped into the sea in front of my father after handing me over to a soldier on his ship in order to get me out of slavery and give me a better life.
I was 7 years old.
Then my father took me with him on the ship, but he never brought me back to his residence in the city, nor let me be recognized by his family.”

“But in the end he fell into sin, and I, an illegitimate son, unrecognized by him and his family, was taken into military slavery as well.
If it hadn't been for you, I would be dead now, along with my other brothers.”

Zhang Ping scratched his head, feeling kinda awkward.
Usually this Di Er never spoke to him, but now he was talking so much, in such a private way, that he didn't know how to respond.1

“That was……
the hatred in my heart.
His hatred was many times stronger than mine.
All the people I hate are dead, and his not yet.
I wanted to be free of my identity, now I've got it, what he wanted was more than ordinary person could imagine.”

“He will succeed.” Zhang Ping affirmed.

“He doesn't like, no, he doesn't want anyone to get close to you.
He's isolating you, and you ……
should be careful.”

Zhang Ping was stupefied for a moment, and suddenly he grinned: “I see.
I thought I was really too annoying.
” After saying that, he patted Di Er's shoulder and comforted him, saying “Don't worry, he's just a kid in heart, for things he own no matter what he would hold tight and don't let go .
When he meets a better one later, the old one will naturally be let go.”

Di Er's shoulders moved a little, probably not used to having someone so close to him.

“I'm glad you're not worried.” However, he did not expect Zhang Ping to be so liberal as to speak so calmly about the possibility to fall out of favor in the future.
But it's also true, isn't it?




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Those who can recognize the truth will always live longer than others.
He hoped that Zhang Ping would live a long time.

Zhang Ping slapped Di Er hard on the back and said, “Thank you.”

Di Er coughed, turned around and walked away.
He is not the kind of person to put kindness on his lips, Zhang Ping's kindness to him for saving his life will always be in his heart.
If he could be useful to Zhang Ping in the future, he will not care of this life.

This time out they come out to meet the accountant Qian and sixteen guards dressed in disguise, a total of six carriages came and were filled of people to the brim.

Di Er did not go back with them; he stayed by the sea.
Huangfu Jie told him that Di Er would henceforth use the name Di Er to enlist in the army here as a member of the Coast Guard.

After two days of wagon travel, three wagons left them and went in another direction.
Zhang Ping didn't ask too many questions, but that was Huangfu Jie's secretly hidden strength, even he didn't know the details.

Huangfu Jie was worried at first that Zhang Ping would blame him for hiding it, but when he found out that Zhang Ping had eaten well and slept well without any struggle, he didn't bother to explain.
Who is this guy? A prime minister can support a boat from his belly, but he can hold about ten or so prime ministers in his belly.

Zhang Ping didn't know that he didn't dwell on it, but his family's wangye dwelled on it.
For several days he looked at him with a very resentful look that made the soles of his feet itch.

In fact, Huangfu Jie didn't dwell on anything, he just couldn't help but think about it several times a day: Why would this person not care that he is hiding something? Does he not care about him as much as he cares about him?

Care if he would come or he would go, the King of Ning was so concerned about it.

Back in the capital, the King of Hui had not yet returned.
But now almost 80% of the officials in the capital city believe that the First Prince was abolished, the future successor to the throne must be the intelligent and wise, elegant and shining Second Prince.

Emperor Sheng did not express anything.
Later, King Hui returned to the capital and reported that the crown prince, Huangfu Hun, had fled to the sea and lost track of him, but Emperor Sheng did not blame him for his incompetence, just waved his hand and said he knew.

Emperor Sheng recovered, but he also injured his foundation.
Recently, he has been in poor spirits and his court time has been shortened.
The King of Hui, unaware of his father's attitude, became more and more cautious, made sure to go to the palace every day to enquire about the well-being of his father.
And every day, he would run into King Shu, the Fifth Prince, who also came to greet him.1

Seeing Huangfu Jin and Lao Fifth running so often, Huangfu Jie is also embarrassed to be an unfilial son.
Every now and then, he would come to the palace to say hello and listen to a lecture.

Sometimes when Jin and Jie meet, Huangfu Jie will definitely take the initiative to show his favor

Huangfu Jin only found himself more and more unable to see through this man, if he is interested in the throne , He have not seen him have any action, there is no one in the courtiers to support him, even his grandfather, Old General Yan, showed no obvious favoritism.
But if you say he doesn't care about the throne, he doesn't believe it.

At the same time, the empress position on the harem was vacant and the concubines were also in turmoil.

The courtiers racked their brains trying to guess which prince would be the crown prince in the future.
The Emperor's attitude is unclear, and it is important to take a good stand at this time.
And all the princes except the youngest Seventh Prince are adults, which have the possibility of inheriting the throne.


Gradually, the original factions among the ministers began to change, with some merging and some diverging.

Knowing that the emperor intended to recall the Wei family to the imperial court, the Wei family, which had been quiet for a while, began to see visitors again.
As the prime minister, Wei Qingzi had many disciples, although he resigned and left, the Wei father and son could influence many courtiers with a single word.
The wonderful thing is that, although the Wei family no longer shuts their doors to thank their guests, they never mention anything about the court.

King Ning's residence, inside the king's bedroom.

Huang Fu Jie, the king of Ning, was so drunk that he had to walk in a crooked direction, making it difficult for the beautiful women on either side of him to walk, but they didn't dare to bump on him, so they carefully led him to the bed.

“Wangye, be careful with your step.”

“Careful? What care! Haven't I been careful enough! Even if this king has made great military achievements, but now he is just an idle prince! Haha!”

“Wangye, you are drunk.

“Drunk? Who says this King is drunk? Even if I drink three jars of burned knives, I can still get the head of Xiongnu ChanYu at ……!”

“Wangye is the most powerful.
“The charming woman on the left smiled.

“Powerful? What's the use of being powerful? Huangfu Jie laughs strangely and speaks upside-down: “Is the abolished Crown Prince powerful or not? Isn't it just as bad? That fox like……
the Lao Second do you think he is ……
strong? But did he become, become a crown prince? Hey, y'all don't know ……
don't know ……”

“Don't know what?” The charming woman who had been silent asked softly.

” don't know…
“Huangfu Jie was in a trance.
He shook his head and stopped talking as if he suddenly remembered something.

“Wangye, its not that don't have no chance.
Which prince in the imperial court can be as heroic and imposing as you?” The charming woman is soft-spoken.

“Hehe, you little hoof, you're the only one who can talk.
Come here and let me love you.”

“Wangye……” The charming woman wanted to dodge Huangfu Jie's devil hand.

The women on the other was pushed to the side by Ning Wang, and Huangfu Jie picked up the charming woman and tore her outer coat.

“Wangye, don't “

“No? You dare to say no!” Huangfu Jie was suddenly furious and reached out his hand to slap the woman, causing her to fall to the side and blood to flow from the corner of her mouth.

“Spare my life, Your Highness!” The two women knelt down together, the injured one didn't even dare to cover her face, just kowtowed vigorously and begged for mercy.

Huangfu Jie was so drunk that he kicked down the heavy pearwood table in the room and shouted, “You two don't give a damn about this King! How is this King inferior to him? But just because he was loved by his father, the king had to bow down to him.
Hahaha! That idiot Lao Second, he's still waiting for his father to pass the throne to him, hahaha! Wait, wait for him to die, and he won't! “

“Wangye!” A figure suddenly appeared at the door and walked quickly into the room to help the King of Ning, who was dancing with his hands and couldn't even stand stably.

“Go away! Go slave over that kid! In the future he will be your master, not me ……
not ……”

“Wangye, you're drunk.” The man in the eunuch's uniform shouted at his prince to stop his rhetoric, while turning back to the two kneeling women and shouting, “You are dismissed! There's no need for you to wait here.”

“Yes.” The two women dared not say anything more and immediately got up and walked out.

“Stop! “

The two women supported each other, shivering, turned around to look at Servant Zhang, who was personally serving the King of Ning

“Whatever you hear today, forget it! If I hear a whiff of anything out there, you'd better figure out how to die faster.”

“I don't know anything, I didn't hear anything!”

The two women retreated in fear.


The noble King of Ning was very unceremoniously thrown onto the bed by the great attendant Zhang.

King Huangfu Jie also just collapsed down on the bed and didn't move.

Servant Zhang turned and went out.

The man, who was lying still in bed, suddenly jumped up and rushed to the waiter Zhang who was fast to the door.
He grabbed him and pulled his pants.

“What the fuck you doing? “

“Fucking you! “

“Dong!” The drunk and hot tempered Prince Ning did not forget to close the door with his foot.

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