Ye Zhan was probably the most unlucky person to wake up from his tender existence to find himself imprisoned in a dark prison where he couldn't see his fingers.
No one came to see him even though he was screaming at the top of his lungs, only a few buns and a jar of water were regularly thrown through a small window in the cell door every day.

He once broke a water jar to keep it as a weapon, but as a result no one brought water for three days in a row, but buns were delivered on time.

On the fourth day he couldn't stand the thirst any longer, so he tried to figure out what they meant and put the pieces of the water jar on the small window one by one, until he handed over the last piece and the jar appeared again.
This water jar is probably the one he broke, with mending marks all over it.

This time, he never dared to try to break the water jar again.
Every day, after drinking water, he put the water jar in the window and waited for someone to pick them up.
No matter how hard he tried to entice the other person to speak, he didn't get a single grunt from him.

When Ye Zhan sat in the darkness of the silent prison until the seventh day, he felt that he was going crazy.

The King of Hui who lost the shadow of his trusted confidant Ye Zhan, and was first worried, then became suspicious.
Why has Ye Zhan disappeared at this most critical moment?

Why did Huangfu Jie send Ye Zhan back in the first place? Is Ye Zhan still loyal to him?

If Yezhan rebelled, why didn't he lurk around him until the end? If he was taken, then who took him? Huangfu Jie? Why?

The King of Hui summoned his confidants to discuss the matter, and the discussion lasted all night, but still no conclusion was reached.
The only thing to do was to have someone secretly find out where Ye Zhan was, while considering changing the plan.
Even if he doesn't consider Ye Zhan's defection, he has to consider that Ye Zhan can't endure the punishment and will bring something against him.

On this side, the fifth prince, King Shu, was suddenly reported to have been wounded by an assassin on his way out of the capital for pleasure.
Fortunately, the King of Shu had a bit of martial arts background, he finally escaped back to the capital with a group of guards fighting to the death to protect him.

This was the first time that a fifth prince had met an assassination attempt after he left the palace and be granted the title as a king.
Who would do it to this idle Wangye? What does the killer want? At one point, the court was in an uproar again.

When Emperor Sheng knew that the Fifth son had been wounded, he did not make any special statement but sent the imperial physician to heal them, then he immediately handed the matter over to the Ministry of Justice for strict investigation.

But after this assassination attempt, the number of guards in the Shu Palace increased dramatically.
A few of the personal guards around the king of Shu also changed to some unfamiliar faces.

“Wangye, King Hui has brought someone to visit.” The steward came forward and reported with great trepidation.
Today's King of Ning is no longer the young man he was able to look directly at, just the other side profile of the opponent's lack of anger alone, it was enough to make him fear the man from the bottom of his heart.

In fact, this lord hadn't done anything to him, but he was just afraid.
Even a single glance was enough to make him tremble for half a day.
He received a few gifts from this lord when he first came back, and when he went to look at them later he found that they had all disappeared, after that, he saw the accountant, Qian Ruogu, ordering people to take those gifts and exchange them for silver and donate them to charity.1

The Wangye, who was on his way out, glanced at him, but he almost wet his pants in fear.

Finally, you can't sit still? Huangfu Jie smiled in his heart.」

“Lead the way.


“Fourth Brother, forgive this brother for this unexpected visit.”

Huangfu Jin is all in white, snow-white robe, snow-white fox collar.
A fair face is even more white as jade, and with a handsome appearance, it naturally brings out pride and elegance that only royalty can have, making people feel inferior.」

“Second Brother, welcome .
Second Brother, you can come whenever you want, no worries.
Second Brother, please take a seat.”

Huangfu Jin is secretly sizing up this fourth brother.
The man's momentary display of bloody aura like when he first returned to the capital, has been completely invisible, at this time, there is a languid and sprightly air that fits him as an idle prince.

Unfortunately, his face is too gloomy and his figure is too tall, which naturally brings a sense of intimidation and makes people afraid to look at him.

But the once timid and humble ugly young prince, has completely disappeared in the traces of the years, can not see a little shadow.
If it weren't for the features on that face that were unchangeable, who would dare to say it was the same person?

Huangfu Jie, those years I really underestimated you.

Huangfu Jin hid the remorse deeply, the two of them sat down after exchanging some courtesies.

“I heard you're getting married, Fourth Brother? First of all This brother would like to congratulate my fourth brother and Miss Yan on their marriage.”

“Thank you for your kind words, Second Brother.”

“I've heard that General Yan's daughter Lan Xinhui has a refined nature and is as beautiful as a flower, you are so blessed, Fourth Brother.”

” Hahaha! Weather its true or not that she is refined like a flower or jade, I didn't see her, so I don't know.
For women, it's fine to pass on the line of succession.
By the way, I heard that Princess Hui has just given her second brother a new son, congratulations!”

“Same joy, same joy.
“Huangfujin smiles.

Huangfu Jie snorted haha, neither of them would mention the subject first.

Finally, Huangfu Jin opened his mouth, if he does not speak again will have to say goodbye to leave, he also did not expect this seemingly reckless martial brother will be so difficult to deal with, the words are tightly knit*, no matter how he take an indirect approach* to him ,there's no way to let him reveal a little bit of meaning behind his words.2

In fact, in his mind, no matter how the strategist explained that Huangfu Jie may be strategic expert, he could not erase the idea that his opponent was a reckless man with a short temper and brute strength.
That's why one cannot be preconceived, let alone let this preconception become entrenched.

“Fourth brother, have you ever visited the fifth brother? “

Here it comes! Huangfu Jie remained calm.

“Of course.
I wouldn't dare to offend him.” Huangfu Jie's eyes flashed the grievance and passed.

Huangfu Jin is an expert at reading people's words and expressions.
not to mention that he has been paying attention to Huangfu Jie's every move, The mood flashed in the eyes of the other party did not escape his observation.

“What do you mean by that? You are not only his elder brother, but you also have military merit, so he should treat you with respect.
How can Fourth Brother say that you dare not offend him now?” Huangfu Jin showed indignation.


Huangfu Jie's eyes grew darker and darker, “Elder brother* ? I wouldn't dare to be.
So what if I have military merit? How can it be as good as Father's love?”1

“Zhang Ping, tell all the people waiting outside to leave, no one is allowed to come near here without this king's permission!”

“Someone outside responded.

Huangfu Jin's face expression unchanged, there is joy and uneasiness in his heart.
What is this Ugly Fourth going to say to him?2

Huangfu Jie turned to face him again: “Second brother, since you are here today, you must have noticed, so let's open up the sky *and talk about it.
The Xinlan matter, you have helped me a lot, and have recommended me in the court as the commander of the army, this brother has been grateful.
That's why I sent Yezhan back to you and I helped you bring down Eldest Brother.1

But now, I know what my royal father's wish, although I want to help my second brother, but I dare not betray my royal father.
Lao fifth also promised that in the future if he ascends to the throne, he shall let me get away with it for the rest of my life.

These words are in line with his original impression of Huangfu Jie, Huangfu Jin did not open his mouth, he was waiting for the ugly four lower text.

Huangfu Jie suddenly stood up and walked around the living room walking around the living room with his hands in the air, seemingly thinking about what to say in the following words.
After three laps, he settled back into his chair, gritted his teeth, clenched his fist and pounded it hard on the armrest, then sighed, “Second brother, this brother is here to say one more thing, you have seen what happened to Eldest Brother.”

“He has been the crown prince for many years, but what is the use? No matter who is sitting on the crown prince's seat and what kind of power and merit he has, as long as he is not the inheritor in his father's mind, then he may be deposed at any time.
Second brother, have you ever wondered why Father made us kings but stayed in the capital?”

Huangfu Jin has been staring at huangfujie's eyes all the time when he is talking.
A person's eyes can't lie the most.
If he doesn't look away, then the other party is telling the truth now.

Huangfu Jin has been staring at Huangfu Jie's eyes when he spoke, a person's eyes are the least likely to lie, if he didn't look away, then what the other party is saying now is the truth.

Could it be that Ye Zhan was not kidnapped by him? Could it be that the wolf dog that bites and does not bark is not this ugly fourth, but Lao fifth who has never been noticed by them?

In fact, Huangfu Jin had already believed in it.
His network of sources in the capital is quite widely arranged, and he will know what is happening around several princes by the next day at the latest.

Huangfu Liu was stabbed, the guards around him for a new face of the matter he knows.
He knows the matter of guards changing their faces.
Those few guards' details he could not find out!。

“Believe it or not, the assassination attempt of Lao fifth had nothing to do with me,” Huang Fu Jin said slowly.

Huangfu Jie frowned slightly, it seems to have something to think about, after a while there was a smile of understanding on his face.

Huangfu Jin looked at his face and for the first time felt that this face was not so repulsive.
King Hui, who has a delicate heart, also figured out the fishy situation almost immediately.

“Lao Fifth……
Or is the Father planning to deal with me? Is this a warning for me?”

Huangfu Jie interjected: “By the way, we can also put people into the Shu King's residence openly.”

“If I'm right, Father's next step is to ask the Wei family's father and son to come out again to assist Lao fifth.”

“Yang Xiao, the leader of the guards, is the uncle of Lao fifth.

“And The general in charge of the defense of the city is one of your men, Tao Zhenggang.”

Huangfu Jin's smiling face stopped, the situation is actually more severe than he imagined.
He misidentified the enemy, first giving most of his energy to deal with the eldest prince; then using the remaining energy to test Huangfu Jie; but did not expect the last to surface was the most unexpected one.

“Royal father has protected him very well.”


The two brothers fell into silence together.

“Fourth brother, do you really have no interest in the throne?”

“Do you want me to swear?” Huangfu Jie sneered.

Huangfu Jin stared into his eyes and said after a long time, “Help me and I will seal the richest land for you.”

Huangfu Jin didn't fully believe Huangfu Jie's words until he learned of Wei Wenxin's secret visit to the fifth prince.

Now that the truth is right in front of him, He can't afford to disbelief!

If he hesitates any longer, he will really have no chance with the throne once the imperial edict is issued.

Huangfu Jin sat quietly on a stone bench in the garden of the King Hui Palace for a long time.
Finally concluded: he is not willing!

Five days later, rumors spread in the capital that King Hui and King Ning had crossed paths.
Because King Hui suspected that King Ning had taken away his beloved subordinate Ye Zhen, King Ning naturally denied this completely and considered it an excuse for King Hui to try to deal with him.

On the 3rd March of the 29th year of Emperor Sheng's reign, General Yan's youngest daughter, Yan Yu Jie, married into the King Ning Palace and became the side concubine of King Ning.
Although only a side concubine, there are still many ministers who came to celebrate, King Shu also sent a generous gift.

On the day Lady Yan married into the royal family, Hong Xiu also cited the reason that he was over 25 years old and had not received the sacred grace, as a rule, she was not registered in the palace maid's book, and was carried in a small sedan chair to King Ning household

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