The new emperor ascended the throne, but the former emperor died that night.

Just shortly after the capital got a bit of a color for celebration, it was immediately covered with white gauze.
When Emperor Sheng died, the new emperor ordered the whole country to mourn.

Those who mourn will mourn, but the situation that should change in the court will change.

Huangfu Jie got help from Fengyushan, Qian Ruogu in the politics as well as Tao Zhenggang, Liu Qizhong, and Zhu Bing in the military.
The events in the court were naturally in order, without turmoil and chaos of war* during the transition from the former emperor to the new emperors.

The Ministry of rites is also fully responsible for the funeral affairs of the late emperor and empress Yang, Huangfu Jie only needs to do some superficial things.

The imperial court seems secure, but the harem is like a small boat bumping in the waves, and the boat is in chaos.

The Supreme emperor* passed, how he gave Yang Zhaorong the title of empress and buried that title with her was not the most exasperating thing.
The most exasperating thing was that when he died, he ordered that all the concubines in the palace had to be sent to a nunnery for meditation.
How can concubines who are used to luxury life bear this?

Among them, the one who protested the loudest and scolded most fiercely is none other than the master of Ruihua palace.

Yan Taifei* saw that her son had finally lived up to her expectation and ascended to the throne, thinking that the position of the Empress Dowager was already in her bag.
Just as she was waiting for her son to announce her title, expecting that she would become the number one noblewoman in the world and possess great power, the sad news came that the Supreme Emperor died and made her a nun together with the four consorts!1

How could it be?!

How could her emperor son allow such an absurd decree to appear?

When the young son succeeded to the throne in order to prevent the maternal family of the new Emperor from dominating power,Indeed there is a record in history that the emperor should kill his concubine mother to protect the prince.
But her emperor son is an adult in his twenties, and there is no male heir in his immediate family.
Why does he need to guard against her like this?2

Huangfu sheng, you ruin my life.
Why don't you let me go in the end!

Yan Taifei is furious.
“Kachang” she flicks all the accessories from the dressing table.

“Her highness, please calm down.
This is the late emperor's will.
The emperor can't help it.
Now that the other four imperial concubines have come to the temple to support them.have entered the temple to obey the order, Her highness shouldn't delay any longer.
If this spreads out, people will accuse His highness for the act of favoritism” Hongxiu After a few days of exhortation and a lot of anger, the tone of exhortation was naturally not polite.

“Unbridled! You bitch! How dare you speak to me* (this queen) like this! What are you! Call that bastard to our palace! “Yan Taifei was so angry that she picked up the things at hand and smashed them.

Hongxiu flashed, eyes also floating a trace of anger.
“Her highness, the emperor has just ascended the throne, there are too many things he should do.
The emperor also had ordered if you have anything you need you can tell this maidservant”

“Hump! Tramp, do you think you have become the ugly son's person since you entered the Ning palace? ha-ha! You don't look at your old face either! Even if the son of this queen is ugly, he is still the ruler of the country now.
He is the emperor! An old woman like you is unworthy even as a servant who cleans his shit*! “1

Hongxiu's heart is resentful, she hates that this woman who she served for many years unexpectedly did not leave her a little face, actually scolded her so cruelly! she wonders how she wasted her youth to this day, if it was not all because of this woman!

“Her highness, calm down.
Hongxiu dare not climb up to the emperor.
Hongxiu has given up all my life, as long as you can live safely and steadily.
Her highness, the emperor said that to the temple is to pray for the emperor and the people all over the world, and the luxury things in the Palace should not be taken.
The maidservant has asked people to clean up the things that the Niang will use everyday.
Niang, you can take off now.

Hongxiu endure her anger and are full of joy when mentioning temples.
She still acts so arrogant*, are you not going to the temple to be an oil lamp before the statue of Buddha for a lifetime.
Want to be the empress dowager? You dream on!1

“Someone come! Drag this bitch down to me! This queen don't want to see her again! “

The palace attendant was ordered to appear.

“Bold! Who dares to approach? The emperor ordered hongxiu to invite her highness to set out on the journey.
Do you dare to resist the imperial order? “

The palace attendant, look back and forward to each other, and finally look at Yan Taifei

“What are you looking at? Are you still not inviting the emperor to come to me! If you don't call him, you all dont need to think of coming back! “

“What's the matter? What's going on here? Hongxiu, why hasn't her highness set out to go yet? Someone appeared at the door.

“This servant greet Zhang Gong gong ” Hongxiu gave his greeting to the visitor.

She is a woman with eyes.
No matter what the status of this man once was, now he is the closest attendant beside the son of heaven.
What's more, others don't know.
She knows very well that this person is more than just the chief eunuch, he is also a bed whisperer.

 Zhang Ping's nerves were already thick, after more than ten years of exercise they were even thicker and could be used to tie people up.
Not only did he quickly get used to people calling him eunuch (Gong gong) very quickly, but now he even takes it as a flattery in stride.

Other palace people quickly bowed down to greet him.
When a man ascends to heaven his chicken and dogs will join him, his person* can finally lift his head after their predicament*.
If they would known that this man will prosper* they would have tried to curry favor with him earlier.2

You see, didn't all the people who made friends with him at the beginning, such as Liu Shun climbed to a high position? Alas! If anyone have 'eyes' , the person with the best vision would be Great Servant Zhang.
Who would have thought that the fourth prince was actually a real dragon descending to earth?

This is fate! All the palace people sighed in their hearts.

Yan Taifei looks at person coldly.
Is he the emperor most favored person*? Do i have no choice but to fawn on him!1

Zhang Ping made a bow to Yan Taifei and said, “Zhang Ping greets her highness the consort”

“Who the hell are you! “Said Yan Taifei with a cold face.

Zhang Ping smiled and said, “Report back to your highness.
Thanks to the emperor grace.
The little one is the chief eunuch, who is responsible for all the internal affairs in the palace.
I heard that her highness had not yet obeyed the emperor's will to go to Jing'an Temple.
The emperor specially ordered me to come to see if there was any delay.

“You let Huangfu Jie come to this queen! ” Yan Taifei emphasis her words.

“Your highness, the emperor attend to many important matters everyday.
He can't spare to be idle even a little.
As the emperor consort mother wishes her highness , please be considerate of the emperor.
If her highness refuses to go to the temple, it means she refuses to comply to the imperial decree.
At that time, even if the empress is the emperor's biological mother, I'm afraid the Emperor may also……


Yan Taifei gets up.
She can't stand it.
Since Huangfu Jie doesn't want to see her, she will come to him!

“Her highness? “

“Get out of the way! “

Zhang Ping bows and quietly leaves.

Huangfu Jie is at the study room to review the memorial.
As Zhang Ping said it is true that he was busy every day, but its not as severe as he said that he dont have any seconds to be idle.

Huangfu Jie always pursues the combination of work and rest, which Zhang Ping has the most profound experience.
Especially after this man ascended the throne, being the emperor was also to some degree regarded as a game, not as serious as when he was in the military.

In fact, Zhang Ping also knows that a good person in power doesn't need to get down and dirty.
If an emperor did everything himself, the world would be almost over.1

People in charge should keep a clear mind, have a clear goal and be able to recognize people and make good use of them.
He has excellent subordinates to accomplish the tedious things.
Huangfu Jie did not lack reliable and capable subordinates.

So even though Emperor Pingwu had many things to do, he was not too busy.
When he is not too busy, the demon moth in his heart would naturally start flapping its wings and wants to fly out to harm these two unlucky ghosts.

“Here comes the imperial noble consort -“

Huangfu Jie put down his pen and smiled with interest.

Fortunately, Zhang Ping is not here yet.
If he should be here, seeing Huangfu Jie's smile like this,he must run as far as he can so as not to harm him the innocent pond fish*.
Last time he jumped out halfway to be a hero, but until now his butt still hurts because of it!1

Unfortunately, Zhang Ping didn't see it.
Seeing the door of the upper study room open and a little servant comes out to invite them in.
He walks in behind Yan Taifei, honestly, and then stands in a humble corner.
He start …..
to watch passively

After receiving a sign, the little servant that attend the study room retreat toward the door

“Why are you here, Mother consort? Zhang Ping, show her highness to a seat.

” Zhang Ping quickly put a chair behind Yan Taifei and then flashed to the side.

“Huangfu Jie, This queen have conceived you in 10 month, so you me like this? ” Yan Taifei didn't even look at the chair behind her, straight to the point* she raised her phoenix's eyes and scolded harshly.1

“What do you mean, mother consort? Have I done anything wrong? “Huangfu Jie said very innocently.

“Ha! You said you didn't know what you did? What do you mean by letting that bitch Hongxiu and this eunuch humiliate this queen?! “

“humiliate? bold! “Huangfu Jie suddenly turned his head and snapped angrily,” Zhang Ping, why have you neglected her highness and didn't report* to me at once! “1

Zhang Ping hurriedly came out of the corner and knelt down.
“I dare not neglect her highness.
I just went to see why her highness didn't depart to Jing'an Temple so far.
Her highness asked the emperor to come to see her.
I told her highness that you couldn't spare time, and her highness to excuse your majesty”

“Oh? Mother Consort, is what the servant said true? “

“Hump! You both master and servant are in collusion.
If he can't be inspired by you, how dare he be so disrespectful to this queen? “Yan Taifei's eyes were even sharper.
Is she a fool? To make a trap for her in front of her?


“Mother consort what do you mean? It is the will of the Supreme Emperor order to let you and the other four consorts go to the monastery for retirement, and Zhen can't disobey it.
Now the mother consort stays in the palace and refuses to depart.
Is it because you want to put me in the name of disrespect and unfiliality? Or the mother consort does not care about the Supreme Emperor order in her eyes and wants to resist?”

 ”You! You bastard! It was in vain that this queen brought you up after so much suffering, that your grandfather nurtured you painstakingly, and that he found capable people to come and teach you.
Is this how you repay us? If it weren't for this queen, you think you would be here today! Yan Taifei was so angry that she pointed her finger at Huangfu Jie's nose and shouted.

“I will repay you for your grace* in giving birth, mother consort.
I don't dare to forget the grace of your nurturing* even for a moment.

What do you mean? Yan Taifei took a step back involuntarily.
Why does her son's eyes look so scary? Why did his tone of voice make her so frightened? Why did he separate the grace of childbirth and nurture?

Suddenly, General Yan's worried face flashed through her mind.
could it be that his father concern was correct that he doesn't have much affection towards them? why?

“You hate me? You hated me since the beginning….
” Yan Taifei can't go on.
Her face grew paler and paler, and she thought of the crux of the matter.
She did not expect that the child would bear such a long grudge.

“But after all, this queen has given birth to you.
Later, this queen also asked your grandfather to cultivate you.
I asked myself and i didn't wrong you” Yan Taifei just softened and then hardened.
Some people will never see their mistakes in their lives.
She can only see others' mistakes and think others are sorry for her.
She is the victim.

“What do you mean by saying so much, mother consort? If you don't want to go to the temple to spend your retirement it's okay “Huangfu jie stops

There was a glimmer of joy in Yan Taifei's eyes.
As long as she is allowed to sit on the throne of empress dowager, She will pay back the shame she suffered today!

“The emperor had ordered.
Those who resisted it would be demoted to commoners and not allowed to enter the capital for life.
If the mother consort does not want to go to the temple, I have to send you outside the city to find a house to support you for the Spring Festival.
But then you can only be an ordinary old woman.
You can't mention that you have an emperor's son or your glorious identity.
Which one do you want? “

“Huangfu Jie! You ungrateful and unfilial son! I hate you.
I should have strangled you when I was born! You beast! You devil! You are not my son, you are not! You will certainly get retribution for treating me like this! You will surely have retribution! ” Yan Taifei is totally out of shape.

“What retribution? Do you want to poison me? Do you want to control me with poison? Speaking of which, my cousin Yan carries such a heavy responsibility.” Huangfu Jie chuckled.

“You “

“You wonder how I know? ” Huangfu Jie looked into his mother's eyes and said with a smile,” of course, Hongxiu told me.

“That …Tramp! “

“Tramp*? Who can compare with your cheapness? You even want to hurt your own son.
I'm ugly.
You blame me.
Obviously it was you who gave birth to me like this, why are your blaming me ? People say even a kid with scabbed head is cute to his parents*.
It's good of you to toss me to death, but you dare not kill me, and let me live and suffer.
How funny I'm a prince, but I don't live as well as a dog.

“That, that is your incompetence! “

“I'm incompetent? If it wasn't for one person, I would really be incompetent all my life.
I could only live with my head down in other people's ridicule and abuse.
You later thought that I was worthy of cultivation and utilization, just because that person made me feel that I was still a person.

“Who are you talking about? Hongxiu? No, no way! “

Huangfu Jie did not answer her question, “now that I am the emperor, you are afraid that I will get out of your control.
I don't think I will listen to you, but you want to use poison to control me.”.
As a mother, how can people not scold you for being “cheap”

Yan Taifei's body was shaking.
Pointing to Huangfu Jie's fingers, she was shaking.
“Shut up, shut up for this queen! “

Huangfu Jie sneers,” no, cursing you is too low, not one insult could befit you.
You are not worthy of my scolding.
I feel like vomiting when I see you! Go away.
Go to the nunnery and be your nun.
Don't think about it.
If you let me hear something bad, don't blame me for ignoring your womb.
Roll! “

Yan Taifei drop to her seat.
Fortunately, a chair was behind her to prevent her from making a big fool of herself.
But even so,Yan Taifei''s face was blue and white, and she had probably never heard such vicious words in her life.
even more from the mouth of her own son.

“Zhang Ping, let Hongxiu supervise her.
have her sent to nunnery today.
I don't want to see her again.

“Yes.” Zhang Ping gets up.

“Also, you can tell Hongxiu that Yan taifei demanded that she agree to go as long as Hongxiu accompany her.

“What else can Zhang Ping say? The man was insidious to the point of being overboard.
Even if Yan Taifei explains to Hongxiu, would Hongxiu believe it?

“Huangfu Jie! You will be punished! You will be punished! “Yan Taifei lost the title of imperial concubine, lost her husband, her maternal's family, and her son's support.
She was just an ordinary woman, a narrow-minded, vicious, mean, resentful woman.

Zhang Ping could almost foresee what would happen to her.
A haughty woman who was determined to stand on the highest place, got knocked off the cloud just one step away from her final goal, one can only imagine what she felt.
What's more, she thought it was a sure thing.
It made her feel worse than a slap her in the face.

Zhang Ping also knows why Huangfu Jie didn't kill her, because that's the kind of revenge that really drives people crazy, especially for the imperial concubine who likes to be rich and love power.

With a stroke of a knife handle Zhang Ping put the cursing Yan Taifei unconscious.
He can't let her scold Jing'an Temple all the way, can he? When she arrived at Jing'an Temple, she was naturally taken care of by someone.
When she wanted to scold, she would do whatever she wanted.
With the emperor's decree, she couldn't escape, and the family didn't dare to do anything.

“What retribution you think i will get? “

 Zhang Ping considered for a moment and said seriously, “Let you fall in love with a eunuch.
That should be the greatest retribution a man can get.”

 ”You get lost too!” “Huangfu Jie couldn't help laughing in tears, and even waved to drive the person away:” you send her back to Ruihua palace and come back soon.

A little gloom that Yan Taifei had caused him just now was now gone, and even the tone of his voice had lightened a few notches.
This big dorky, cheeky fellow unexpectedly dare to say that he loves him? He ……
well, since he dared to say it, and there was nothing he dared not admit.

Zhang Ping helps Yan Taifei to leave, Outside a small sedan chair have been prepared.

Huangfu Jie looked up at Zhang Ping's back and thought, who is next?

TN: Sorry its still not a cute update.

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