Continue to paint on the book, Sun Chen did not look at Zhang Ping any more, he waved to the eunuch who would led him to Ruihua palace, when Zhang Ping thanked him.

Sun Chen suddenly said, “when I see you, you will call yourself a slave servant.
If you don't remember well, you'll have to eat the board sooner or later.

Zhang Ping repeated the words to himself.
Don't just call yourself by another name.
He'll remember.

On the same day, he met the head of Ruihua Palace, one of the four concubines.

The imperial concubine looks very young and less than thirty.
Born with a pair of attractive eyes, they must be charming when they laugh, but they are a bit harsh when they are not smiling.。

Zhang Ping is not so blessed to make the concubine smile at him, so after a peek, he didn't dare to look  any more.

It seems that the virtuous concubine is too lazy to pay attention to him.
After he kowtowed, she let Hongxiu to take him down and instructed to teach him the rules of Ruihua palace

Zhang Ping stood upright in front of Hong xiu , waiting for Hong xiu to order.To be honest, he thinks The 5th rank ceremonial maidservant Hong xiu , who is responsible for raising the prince, looks more scary than the concubine.
Although Hong xiu had a pleasant round face.

Hong Xiu looked up and down Zhang Ping for a few moments, and seemed satisfied with what he saw.
She specially asked Sun Yan to help her pick a honest and reliable newcomer.
For this, she spent twenty-two dollars, hoping not to let her down.

Zhang Ping is blessed by his parent's good fortune to give him an honest face that makes him looked like an honest man.
The first assessment is passed.

“When you first arrived, you probably didn't know what was happening in the palace.
Slowly, you should know what you should and shouldn't.”

Zhang Ping still kept his head down, waiting for Hong Xiu to go on

“No matter in Ruihua palace or other places in the palace, we as human servants must remember one thing: take care of our mouths! Are you clear? “

I understand.
“Zhang Ping replied respectfully.

“There are certain things in Ruihua Palace that you will definitely know later.
In order to avoid you making mistakes, I will tell you in advance.”

“Thank you, Hóngxiù daren, for your mention.”

“The emperor has not come to Ruihua palace for a long time.

Hong Xiu s remained silent for a long time.

Zhang Ping had various thoughts in her heart.
The first was disappointment, in the three months he waited for the wound to heal, he had heard people tell him that if he was assigned to a concubine or prince, it would basically be a lifetime.
His master lives he lives.
If His master dies he dies, he could not escape.

No wonder he felt dull and unusual when he first arrived here, and he was not as magnificent as he thought.
No wonder the concubine looks ugly, and her expression is unhappy.

Think about it, the Hong Xiu as a palace girl may be more pitiful than him.
If the emperor does not come, she will not even have the chance to get close to the emperor, let alone to be able to catch the favor of Emperor Huang.
Now that the Hong Xiu s have passed the most beautiful period, what is the most terrible for the maid? What could be more terrible than the beauty being too late to wait for the grace or go out of the palace?


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Zhang Ping thought of her eldest sister.
Although she married a man who was not rich, she would love her and listen to her.
Her mother-in-law treated her well.
Compared with many women in the palace, she was very happy.

“Hump, although our Ruihua palace has not been graced for a long time, after all, our lady is one of the four imperial concubines.
Her position is here.
Her father is the general of the cavalry.
Others couldnt think of taking advantage of us so easily, let alone to tolerate impudent slaves! “

As soon as Zhang Ping heard this, he quickly knelt down on the ground and said, “this slave servant knows that he must not dare to break the rules of the palace.
This servant must work hard in the palace.

Hong Xiu 's face relaxed, and motioned for him to obey.

Zhang Ping quickly got up again.

“Do you know why the emperor stopped coming to Ruihua palace? “

How could Zhang Ping know? He can only shake his head.

“Because of our good fourth princes,” Hong Xiu sneered, “that's the pain in our imperial concubine's heart forever!”

Fourth princes? What's up with him? Why did Hong Xiu speak of him with such deep hatred? Zhang Ping can't help but feel a little antipathy towards the fourth prince who hasn't met before.
80% of them are arrogant and domineering, bullying the weak and unruly prince.

“He's a demon.
It's a curse that framed his imperial concubine.
He is not only ugly, but also has a narrow-minded mind and a lot of bad habits.” The imperial concubine and I have spent a lot of effort to educate him, but the mud can never help the wall.” Hong Xiu couldn't help puking at the thought of that face.
After eight or nine years, she still can't get used to it.

“From now on you will take care of his daily life.”

Zhang Ping was startled, shouting miserable.
What wrong did he do to be assigned to serve the fourth princes?

“I know you may have some fears and grievances in your heart.
But you don't have to worry about that much.
You don't need to do much at ordinary times.
You just need to be responsible for passing on food, dressing, combing your hair, bathing and cleaning his room.
Remember, don't get close to him.
It's not good for you! “


Hong Xiu 's face became a little softer.
“I see that you are honest otherwise i won't let you directly serve him.
Although that person is now noble as the fourth prince, who knows what will happen in the future.”

Zhang Ping was more at ease to hear those from the Hong Xiu words.

With a change of tone, the face of Hong Xiu became rigid again.

“At first, the fourth prince had two people waiting on him.
However, the two were unfavorable in doing things, and they even tarnished the rules of Ruihua Palace.
They are no longer here.
One of them was a court maid and the other was a court eunuch.
Unexpectedly they shamelessly bind like husband and wife in secret.
When they are fooling around together, they are drunk and accidentally overturn the candlestick and burn to death.
Indeed Unfortunate”

What's unfortunate? Was it that they didn't burn the fourth Prince by accident? Zhang Ping also complained in his heart that if the fourth Prince died, he would not have to wait on him.

“I want you to pay attention to this matter.
Don't get too close to the palace maids.
Lest if me or the imperial concubine found out, I won't spare you! “

This slave remembered it.” Zhang Ping thought to himself that since his little birdie is no more, what palace maids would he want.
He only has two goals in life since the day he entered the palace: secretly becoming the world's first master of martial arts, and trying to get a lot of rewards to send home.

Hongxiu nodded in satisfaction, and told him a lot of the rules in the palace, the rules of Ruihua Palace, the rules of imperial concubine, and hers Hong Xiu rules, preaching for almost an hour.
She sees Zhang Ping has been obedient to the training without a little impatient look, can not help but a little reluctant.

It might seem a little wasteful to send this person to wait for the ugly person, but it is not good to just send someone in the past.
If any wind comes out, it will have an impact on Ruihua Palace and the concubine+

It's a pity, but it's necessary to find someone who is very obedient.

Standing at the entrance of the fourth prince's courtyard, Hong Xiu said to Zhang Ping lightly: “There is one more thing you must know.
The fourth prince is disobedient and bad-tempered.
Sometimes the mother-in-law will punish him for her lesson.
You just watch it, Don't talk too much.

This Slave understand.” Zhang Ping bowed.

“Come in.” Hong Xiu pushed open the courtyard door.

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