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Calastro\'s Wooden Spoon

Where am I? I know I felt sleepy when I got home. But it wasn this breezy, nor was it this bright. There was a sweet smell wafting through the air, like lemon zest. There were even birds singing calmly. I wish I could sleep like this forever.

Then an unfamiliar buzz of a crowd annoyed me, and the voices of… teenagers? Why do I hear them in my room?

”Just leave him. Entrants who have abyssmal grades like him won get inside the Academia anyways. ” An irritable voice seems to criticize me, so I grouchly opened my eyes. Only to find myself overseeing a clear blue sky, and an over the top academy with clear windows and the symbol of the Libra Constellation.

I must be dead. I thought to myself.

”Last five minutes before we close the gates! ” The student called, her voice amplified by the megaphone. She looked really familiar… Hair red as the setting sun, and eyes blue like the sky. I then caught myself under her gaze and she frowned.

”Hey wooden spoon! You
e gonna get written up again! ” She called and I staggered. Wooden spoon?

I then found out my hands weren mine at all. It was filled with unknown callouses, I never handled things that made my hands like this.

What in the world is this?! I asked myself. When I began to think that, a huge blue square appeared in front of me.

Sub-Quest! Cross the School Gate!

Clearing Condition: Be on time for the Assessment by going inside the school!

Clear Rewards: EXP and Skill: Inspection and Access to System.

Failure: -50 Academy Reputation

Yep… definetly going crazy. I laughed nervously.

”3 minutes! ” She called again and I cursed under my breath and made a break for it. Once I crossed the gates, a golden screen then appeared before me.

Sub-Quest Cleared!

You have leveled up!!

You have learned ”Inspection ” and have been granted access to the System Menu.

”System? ” I asked and a screen appears infront of me. I then realized where I was by the name of my title:

Name: Yman Caliesto

Level: 2

Weapon Proficiency: None

Class: Entrant

Academy Ranking: 900th

Title: Calastros Worst Entrant

”What in the name of fresh hell? ” I said, Calastro… Thats the school I made on a whim when I was writing that Fantasy Novel I never finished back when I was a college student!

Pridesworn. That was what my friend suggested when I was first starting off my writing dream.

It was a story about a group of academy students who solve problem after problem, which starts in the school up until the whole continent. The only problem is… I didn continue writing it. Since I lost the master script of my novel, I fell into a stump until I completely decided to put it an indefinite hiatus. Until I completely forgotten about it… until today.

”This must be a joke. ” I whispered to myself.

To make matters worse, the character Im playing… I haven named anyone Yman Caliesto. So who are you?!

I head over the fountain and inspected myself. Hair dark as ebony, eyes blood red, and complexion was fair but scratched up. I transmigrated in my discontinued novel as an extra!!

”Not only are you a wooden spoon, you
e also insane. ” A girls voice said, sending shivers down my spine. I looked behind and saw piercing green eyes looking down at me, her blond hair was tied to a ponytail and was glistening in the sunlight. I vaguely remember her character… Then I remembered the skill I obtained.


A display then appeared before my eyes, it read:

-Due to a high level difference, skills and talents have been rendered hidden-

Name: Claire Venus

Level: 4

Weapon Proficiency: Polearms

Class: Entrant (Possible Route: Lancer)

Academy Ranking: 4th

Title: Prodigy of the Spears Path

”Why are you staring at me? Are you possibly a pervert too? ” Claire looked flabbergasted and I narrowed my eyes. Sure, she has the looks I mean, her family is the Venus Line. But she isn my type.

”Sorry. ” I said blandly and she rolls her eyes.

”Its my mistake for ever striking a conversation with a wooden spoon like you. I hope you
e ready to be expelled. ” Claire said in a haughty manner and strides off toward the large building, which I assume is the gymnasium.

I pondered on what she said, and then I remembered. Calastro Academy has a cruel yet effective education system. Those below the 800th rank will be eliminated. And as it stands, I was at the bottom rung. I will be cleaved if I don do anything.

But why should I do anything? Im just an NPC, an extra. I won have an impact in this story! I told

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