se that iron bar?”

“Haha, I got used to it.”

Seo-joon was still using a steel bar that looked like it belonged in a construction site.

Seo-yoon told him to choose anything from the academy, but Seo-joon refused.
He said he found a good spear and would wait until he buys it.

In fact, she discovered that Seo-joon was learning the spear only after hearing that.

“You know I’m a B-class professional hunter, right?”

“Of course.
So please be gentle.”

Seo-yoon was annoyed for some reason by Seo-joon’s sly smile.

“I’ll let you attack first.”

“Then I won’t say no.”

Seo-joon rushed toward Seo-yoon.

‘As expected…’

Seo-yoon nodded quietly at Seo-joon.

His movement was fast but his steps were clumsy.
The eye contact was so obvious that it seemed to tell her where he would attack.

A student was still a student.

Seo-yoon used the mana technique she learned from Sword Saint and coated her wooden sword with it.

She didn’t know with what confidence he made such a provocation, but Seo-yoon was going to end the fight with this one attack.

“Wow! This is so hard…”

Seo-joon held up the iron bar to prevent Seo-yoon’s attack.


Seo-yoon was greatly embarrassed because she thought Seo-joon would be defeated with a single attack.


Of course, it was hard for Seo-joon to block her attack.

Originally, that iron bar should have bounced out of his hand and the sword should have been pushed into Seo-joon’s neck, then she would’ve told him that he still has a long way to go and to try harder.

“Then… I do it with all my heart!”

Suddenly, the iron bar bent in a strange direction and rushed toward Seo-yoon.

At the sudden change in momentum Seo-yoon hurriedly retrieved her sword and blocked Seo-joon’s attack.

“What the…”

‘It’s so different from before?’

The battle between Seo-yoon and Seo-joon was fierce and sparks flew even though a wooden sword clashed with a metal rod.

On the other hand, Seo-joon was in a trance right now.

[If the other person is an intelligent being, the concept should be different.
If you can think, the other person can think the same thing, especially if it’s an opponent stronger than you.]

The Transcension Academy lectures were playing in Seo-joon’s head.

[Stop thinking like an idiot that your opponent will take your attack head on.]

“It’s quite acceptable, but not yet…!”

[Mix the attacks.
How do you mix them? You trash! Make an obvious attack! Obvious attacks follow obvious defenses.
You are forcing your opponent to adopt the posture and defense you want!]

“Do you think this obvious attack will work on me?”

[Slowly drive your opponent in a position where it can’t block your real attack.
Until your obvious attack becomes an unstoppable attack!]

[Bet everything on your next blow!]


A loophole appeared for a moment.


Seo-joon poured all his energy into the iron bar he grabbed.

The sound of cracking and tearing muscles rang from all over his body but Seo-joon, biting his teeth, threw the iron bar at Seo-yoon.


In an instant, an alarm bell rang in Seo-yoon’s head and she unknowingly parried Seo-joon’s attack with all her might.

‘What was that just now… ?’

Seo-yoon was embarrassed.


Seo-joon collapsed, coughing up blood.
Only then did Seo-yoon suddenly come to Seo-joon’s side.

“Are you okay? Without realizing it…”

“It’s all right.”

Fortunately, Seo-joon got up all right after tapping his body to see if he was seriously injured.

As Seo-yoon was looking at Seo-joon anxiously, Seo-joon spoke.

“More than that… I lost in the end.

“In the end?”

Seo-yoon was dumbfounded for a moment.

Does that mean he could have won? It was a competition between a B-class professional hunter and a student.

“Not yet.”

Seo-yoon was confused about how to accept this remark.

‘Am I still being treated as a professional hunter?’

However, Seo-joon pondered about the fight not knowing how Seo-yoon felt.

It was definitely different from the fight against monsters and he also saw the gap between professional hunters and himself.

‘I have a long way to go.’

When he was about to move he heard a notification sound his smartphone.


When Seo-joon checked the screen of his smartphone, Chiron’s lecture progress rose by 0.2 percent and Xiang Yu’s rose by 0.7 percent.

‘As expected…’

Seo-joon nodded inwardly.

Although it was almost a one-sided competition, it was clear that if the progress of the lecture rose, it would rise more in the competition.

‘Do you want me to have multiple experiences?’

Seo-joon smirked and burst into laughter.
At the same time, he thought it was a good choice to compete.

“What’s wrong with you? Is there something wrong?”

Seo-yoon asked as she was surprised by Seo-joon’s sudden action.

“Seo-yoon, you don’t have anything to do before the competition, do you?”


Seo-yoon was a little taken aback, because she really had nothing to do before and after the competition but Seo-joon continued whether he knew it or not.

“Then can we do this when I don’t participate in dungeon raids?”



Seo-yoon thought for a moment at Seo-joon’s request, but was able to reach a conclusion quickly.

In the end, Seo-yoon liked teaching someone, and above all, didn’t she promise to help Seo-joon?

“Yes, yes.
I’ll do everything you want.
If you win, I’ll give you all the prize money.”

“Huh? Was there a money prize?”

Seo-yoon said happily.

It’s a competition anyway.”

“How much is it?”


Seo-yoon’s words changed Seo-joon’s eyes.

“I heard it was 100 million.”


It was because he could buy the Longinus’ spear sold at the Transcension Academy for 100 million won.

Seo-joon stepped forward and approached Seo-yoon.

“When did you say the Academy competition was!!?”

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

Seo-yoon was embarrassed by Seo-joon’s appearance, which made her feel breathless.

“In two weeks….”

“Two weeks!”

Seo-joon’s eyes were blazing.
He then asked, looking at Seo-yoon with burning eyes.

“Do you happen to have any sandbags here? No, Seo-yoon, how much do you weigh?”

“Huh? What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“60kg? 70kg?”

“I weigh less than 60kg!”

“That’s all right.
It’s not going to be very efficient.”

“Efficiency? What do you mean…?”

Seo-joon turned his back as if nothing had happened, then he took a step.



‘I don’t know anymore…’

Seo-yoon finally decided to give up on understanding who Seo-joon was.

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