ademy in the first place?”

Thanks to his trained body, he could hear all the groaning.
If it was the past Seo-joon, he would have been depressed.

‘Should I just listen to the lecture during the waiting time?’

But for the present Seo-joon they were just like a neighborhood dog barking.

Seo-joon looked around for a suitable place.
In the meantime, he heard a murmuring sound coming toward him, but he ignored it and picked up his smartphone and started listening to lectures of the Transcension Academy.

‘I’m glad that I did my daily assignment before coming here.’


When he looked up wondering what it was, someone was sitting right next to Seo-joon.
The small-sized, dwarf-looking man looked quite young, like a high school student.

When Seo-joon looked at him, he carefully opened his mouth.

“You’re a student participating in the competition, right?”


“Me, too.
Ah! My name is Lee Min-ki.”

“I’m Kim Seo-joon.”

Seo-joon then turned his eyes away.
It was because there was nothing else to talk about.
In fact, he didn’t know why he was talking to him.

All of the people gathered here were competitors and he was not from the same academy.
No, even if they belonged to the same academy, their competition has not changed since there could be only one winner.

It was normal to have a war of nerves, let alone to introduce yourself.

“Hey! I told you to get lost.”

A roar broke out from somewhere.

Seo-joon’s gaze naturally turned toward the sound and there was a huge man like a voice confronting a student.

“It’s Jang Deok-cheol.
He’s a promising member of the Gochuri Academy.
As you can see, he uses an ax as his main weapon.”

Min-ki’s voice was heard then and Seo-joon turned his head to look at him.

Why was he explaining things that he didn’t even ask?

Seo-joon turned his head again and looked at the giant man and he didn’t know if it was because he was listening to Min-ki, but a large axe came into his eyes behind the giant’s back.

“Do I have to leave if you want me to?”

The voice of the man who was confronting the giant followed.

“Lee Chul-min, the rising star of Mint Academy.
Unusually, he uses double daggers.”

At the same time, Min-ki’s explanation was also heard but Seo-joon kept an eye on the situation in front of him,

“Do you want to give it a try now?”

“You were the one who started the fight.
It seems that there are only muscles in your brain, right?”

“You punk!”

Jang Deok-cheol shouted at Lee Chul-min’s provocation and reached for the axe hanging from his back but just then a voice was heard.

“Why don’t you be quiet?”

In a heterogeneous atmosphere, all the students in the waiting room looked at it.

“What? What kind of punk…”

Jang Deok-cheol turned his head almost to kill him, as if he was angry at the thought of being ignored.
However, after seeing the one who spoke, he hurriedly closed his mouth.

It was a man with a sharp impression and a cold air.

“Lee Jun-hwan?”

Jang Deok-cheol muttered, and at the same time, the entire waiting room began to stir.

“What? Lee Jun-hwan is here?”

“Didn’t he say he wasn’t going to participate?”

However, the man called Lee Jun-hwan did not care about the people’s voice at all.
He just looked at Jang Deok-cheol and said,

“Do you use the waiting room alone?”


Jang Deok-cheol, who had been acting like he was going to break everything until just now, coughed and avoided looking at him.

It wasn’t any different than Lee Chul-min.

Seo-joon looked at Min-ki without realizing it, and Min-ki opened his mouth with a slightly surprised look.

“Lee Jun-hwan is a prospect of the Revenant Academy and actually the winner of this competition.”


Not a favorite?

When Seo-joon tilted his head, Min-ki immediately continued.

Originally, he said he wouldn’t participate because the competition was low in quality, but I guess Revenant made him an offer.
I don’t know what conditions he was offered, but as long as Lee Jun-hwan participates, his victory is confirmed.”

“It must be amazing that the academy made him an offer.”

Min-ki nodded and said,

“You know the Sword Saint, right?”

“Wouldn’t it be strange not to know?”

“Haha, that’s true.”

Min-ki smiled awkwardly and continued.

“I heard that his granddaughter offered to scout him.”

“What? Seo-yoon?”


Min-ki tilted his head for a moment.

“Oh, the conversation went astray.”

Seo-joon shook his hands slightly and fixed his words while Min-ki looked at Seo-joon in wonder and continued.

“But for some reason, he refused.
I can’t believe he turned down the offer of the Sword Saint granddaughter.
It means that he is confident in his skills.”

Maybe it’s not necessarily because of that.

Seo-joon forced himself to swallow the words that were about to pop out, then he smiled inside and asked Min-ki.

“You know the others well.”

Those gathered here were just students.
Although they are called promising students at each academy, they are still students.

Of course, prospects at prestigious academies are known to be more famous than regular professional hunters.
However, not all academy prospects were like that.

Seo-joon, who knows well about the academies, knew a little about promising students, especially if it was an academy in the fourth division.

“He… I’m interested in this and that…Haha.”

Min-ki answered while scratching his hair.
He looked like he was hiding something but Seo-joon didn’t care.

However, he turned his eyes and looked at Lee Jun-hwan, who was sitting indifferently.

Lee Jun-hwan, who gives off a sharp impression.

‘He’s a promising star that Seo-yoon scouted…’

While Seo-joon was thinking that way, Lee Jun-hwan is currently in a pretty bad mood.

He took a quick look around him and everyone lowered their eyes and avoided him.

‘I can’t believe I have to compete with these low-level guys.’

Lee Jun-hwan went beyond his bad mood and began to get annoyed.

In fact, Lee Jun-hwan had no desire to participate in the competition.
To be exact, he had no intention of attending an academy that was in the fourth division.

Nevertheless, the reason why Lee Jun-hwan participated was because of his uncle’s request to reach the third division.

‘If I knew this would happen, I would have accepted her offer.’

He felt a lot of regret after refusing the Sword Saint’s granddaughter’s offer.
He should have used her well before throwing her away.

At that moment, Lee Jun-hwan suddenly felt a pair of eyes on him.
When he turned his eyes he saw a guy in a loose outfit and holding an iron rod staring at him.

Even bugs like that are participating?’

Lee Jun-hwan was annoyed and turned his eyes away.

The one who was looking at Lee Jun-hwan was none other than Seo-joon.

‘How much will the progress of the lecture increase if I fight him?’

“The competition will begin soon, students! Everyone, please get ready!”

Seo-joon stood up at the cries of the officials.

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