mething you can talk about and evaluate recklessly.”

Therefore, Lee Jun-hwan crossed the line.

It is said that you become mature as much as you are sick, but some wounds remain as wounds forever.

Seo-joon was so angry about it.

“Student Kim Seo-joon, it’s against the rules! Stop!”

The referee’s warning comes at the same time as he jumps on the ground.
Seo-joon, however, ignored him and Lee Jun-hwan, who easily blocked Seo-joon’s attack.

“Bugs are disguising.”

“You’re the real bug.”

Lee Jun-hwan swung his sword against Seo-joon and as the metal tangled and sparks splashed a fierce battle in which no one backed down started.

‘It’s definitely different from Jang Deok-cheol.’

Seo-joon was able to experience Lee Jun-hwan’s skills in person.

To be honest, when dealing with Jang Deok-cheol he didn’t feel threatened or nervous.
To exaggerate, he felt like he would never lose.

But against Lee Jun-hwan he closed his mind and fully focused on the battle.

“You punk!”

On the other hand, Lee Jun-hwan was surprised.
To be honest, Lee Jun-hwan thought he would have no opponent here.

To be more honest, Lee Jun-hwan was confident of winning even if he fought against half-baked professional hunters.
But this guy, Kim Seo-joon, who suddenly appeared…


Lee Jun-hwan was awakened by the intense pain that poured into his side and Seo-joon was digging in at that gap.


Lee Jun-hwan hurriedly swung his sword to block the attack, and Seo-joon swallowed his disappointment and took a step back.

The two looked at each other.

“What are you doing now? Stop both of you!!”

The referee’s warning was heard again then and he came to stop the two.

“Don’t get in my way!”

Lee Jun-hwan shouted at the referee.

Lee Jun-hwan was a predator and a wild beast that devours the prey and reigns over it.

People crawled when they saw him but why did he have the same eyes as him? Lee Jun-hwan was very annoyed by it.

“Ha! Anyone can say such nonsense.
Let’s see if you can talk like that in the face of reality.”

When Lee Jun-hwan used his mana a huge amount of momentum poured down on Seo-joon.


He couldn’t see it.

Seo-joon lifted the iron bar at the cool sensation that he suddenly felt in his spine, and what he saw after that was Lee Jun-hwan’s sword that came over him as if it were weighing on his body.

“You blocked this?”

Lee Jun-hwan continued to swing his sword with a fishy smile.

‘It’s too much.’

That’s what Seo-joon felt when he blocked Lee Jun-hwan’s sword.
There is no reason why people praise him.
Clearly, the difference in level is different.


Seo-joon had no choice but to admit that Lee Jun-hwan was better than him today.

Seo-joon admitted and accepted all the facts and put down his everything.

Maybe that’s why he entered into a trance.

Seo-joon did not recognize himself growing momentarily in this fight but on the other side.

“You punk!”

Lee Jun-hwan couldn’t hide his surprise.

‘The more he takes the attacks, the more proficient he becomes.’

It’s like watching a monster growing up fighting.
At first, it was hard to stop him, but he started to attack, and he was already fighting back.

And now.

“Oh, my”.


In the ensuing clash, Seo-joon and Lee Jun-hwan groaned and stepped back one step at a time.

On the surface, they exchanged attacks in the same way but Lee Jun-hwan knew that it was none other than himself who just lost the clash.

‘I’m… I’m getting pushed back by this guy?’

Lee Jun-hwan couldn’t bear to admit the fact.

“You bastard!”

At that moment, a tremendous momentum erupted from Lee Jun-hwan.
It was incomparable to before and Lee Jun-hwan’s sword then began to have a bluish energy.

“The sword?”

“No way! A student could do that?”

Sword Aura.

Beyond coating mana on a weapon was the stage where mana is embodied so its destructive power was indescribable.

“I’ll kill you!”

Lee Jun-hwan runs at Seo-joon with a fierce murderous intention.

“Stop it! You have to stop it!”

“Lee Jun-hwan! Stop it right now!”

Officials rushed to the stadium.

Seo-joon thought while looking at the whole scene.

‘For now, there is no way I can win against Lee Jun-hwan.’

The only thing that can deal with sword aura is sword aura or at least a weapon coated with mana.

However, Seo-joon did not know how to handle mana yet, and all he is holding now is a crude iron bar.

A sword aura attack is on a different level from a simple sword swing and he could really die therefore he had to avoid it and run away until the officials overpower Lee Jun-hwan.

That was the best and most correct action in this situation but Seo-joon didn’t want to avoid it.

He felt like if he avoided it here he would be denying all that he had built up.

Seo-joon bit his teeth.
Nevertheless, deep hesitation held Seo-joon’s ankles.

Just then Seo-joon heard Xiang Yu’s voice.

[Didn’t I tell you the other day when I heard the song of Chu all over the place? Hmm…Some of the students asked me.
Why did you go to the enemy camp alone then? Wasn’t the fight over anyway?]

A four-sided song.

This idiom, which means that songs of the Chu Dynasty could be heard from all sides, was an expression of a desperate situation that refers to an isolated state surrounded by the enemy from all 4 sides and cannot be supported or helped by anyone.

Actually, it was a fight that was already over.
There was no way to survive.
The defeat was fixed and there was no way to overturn it.
And yet I fought.
Why did I do that?]

Xiang Yu was the main character who created the idiom and the person who experienced the desperate situation in person.

[Trust? Justice? No.
Don’t be naive.
Those are just useless illusions.]

Hang-woo said how he felt at that time.


[I just had to]

In addition, Xiang Yu said he was scared.
He was so afraid that he would lose.
[I confess now that it was a setback I’ve never experienced before.]


[Children, even if defeat is decided, believe that you will win and go at it like crazy]

Xiang Yu fought.

[I had the power to separate the mountains.]

But he lost again.


[Called fighting spirit.]

He could have been defeated but Seo-joon grabbed the iron bar as if to break it.

He knew better than anyone that he couldn’t win against sword aura.

Seo Jun flew at Lee Jun-hwan, who was approaching and at that moment, something rose from the depths of his heart.

Reverse divergence, the power to pull out mountains.

His momentum covered the world.

“What the…”

Lee Jun-hwan hesitated at the tremendous momentum from Seo-joon and at the same time, something appeared in a corner of his heart.

‘You think I’m scared?’

Lee Jun-hwan bit his teeth.

“Don’t make me laugh! I’m a predator! I’ll kill you!”

“Stop right now! Stop!”

“What are you all doing? Do you really have to kill someone to get a hold of yourself?!

“Lee Jun-hwan! Kim Seo-joon! Stop it now!!!”

The officials screamed but Seo-joon did not take his eyes off Lee Jun-hwan.
In this large space, only Lee Jun-hwan could be seen in Seo-joon’s view.


“Die! You son of a gun!”

At the same time as the two clashed, a huge explosion erupted.

The officials stood there and were eager to pick up the aftermath of the explosion.

After some time, the dense dust fog subsided and the scene that unfolded was a stadium smashed in a big circle and the two beings standing in the middle of it.

The two stood facing each other and people watched them with bated breath.

Soon people could see that Lee Jun-hwan fell down and Kim Seo-joon was still standing.

After a moment of silence.




The crowd started screaming.

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