Although there was not much information, Fu Yunzhou was still speechless when dealing with the documents.
At noon, Fu Yunzhou continued to devote himself to the documents in front of him.


Yuan Xi looked up at the time, and then at Fu Yunzhou, who was still processing the documents.
When it was time for lunch, Fu Yunzhou still devoted himself to the documents in front of him.


After being silent for a while, Yuan Xi decided to wait another half hour.
If Fu Yunzhou didn’t realize it was time to eat he would… he would cry to the male god?


Yuan Xi, who was frightened by his own thoughts, stayed silent and lowered his head to continue to look at the document in his hand.


As time passed, Fu Yunzhou still didn’t think about eating and Yuan Xi’s stomach had begun to protest by rumbling non-stop.


Looking up at Fu Yunzhou who had no intention of eating, Yuan Xi pouted in displeasure.


He got up and walked quickly in front of Fu Yunzhou and grabbed the document Fu Yunzhou was working on: “It’s time to eat, man, a, ger, Yun!”


The document in his hand was snatched away, and Fu Yunzhou could do nothing about it.
After frowning, he raised his head to meet Yuan Xi’s eyes.
Fu Yunzhou’s frowning eyebrows relaxed, and his tone softened a bit: “Give me the documents, and I’ll go eat after processing them.
Are you hungry? You can eat first if you are hungry.”


Yuan Xi took a few steps back and looked at Fu Yunzhou with a dissatisfied expression.


“Eat now, you have a bad stomach.
If you don’t, you’ll have a stomachache later.”


Yuan Xi hid the document behind him, giving Fu Yunzhou no chance to take it back.
Looking at Fu Yunzhou’s expression that looked intent on still working, Yuan Xi turned on mother mode.


After getting to know Fu Yunzhou, Yuan Xi had figured out Fu Yunzhou’s weakness.
As long as he nagged at him, this person would definitely surrender.


So, seeing the disobedient Fu Yunzhou, he knew it was time to start nagging.


The next second, Yuan Xi was talking about the disadvantages of not eating, as well as various stomach problems.


Fu Yunzhou reached out and rubbed his temples, put down his pen, and got up after three minutes.


“Let’s go, let’s go eat.”


Seeing Fu Yunzhou get up and put on his coat, Yuan Xi pursed his lips with a slight smile.


It wasn’t until Fu Yunzhou came out from behind the desk that Yuan Xi put the folder in his hand on the table.


Behind Fu Yunzhou, he followed step by step, as if he were afraid Fu Yunzhou would run away.


Fu Yunzhou glanced at Yuan Xi helplessly, wanting to pull Yuan Xi to his side, but Yuan Xi dodged.


Manager, please go first, I’ll just wait in the back.” Yuan Xi took a few steps back and expressed his attitude very resolutely.


Glancing at the little guy behind him, he realized that the other party really didn’t want to walk side by side, so he turned around and walked ahead.


The Xingyao Entertainment’s cafeteria was a seperate floor, and the entire floor was where the employees ate.
In order to ensure everyone’s tastes were taken care of, there are special chefs and decorations.


However, there were not many people there right now.
In the entertainment industry, very few people were always at the company.


After all, advertising, movies, or TV shows could not be shot at the company.


However, because many people came for interviews today, there were slightly more people in the cafeteria.


Fu Yunzhou didn’t like places that were too lively.
When he saw the amount of people in the restaurant, he couldn’t help frowning.


When he reached the restaurant’s door, Yuan Xi had already reached Fu Yunzhou’s side, so he quickly noted Fu Yunzhou’s expression.


“Well, how about you go back to the office first, and I’ll buy lunch and give it to you?”


Fu Yunzhou originally wanted to refuse, but he glanced around and there were too many people, so he finally nodded.
“Alright, I’ll go up and wait for you.”


After Fu Yunzhou left, Yuan Xi walked to the order window.


There were many trainees, and all of them were here for the first time, so there was no order.


They were gathered together in twos and threes, discussing things that happened to them.
There were a lot of people talking, and with more people around, it sounded particularly chaotic.


Yuan Xi glanced at the young and energetic boys, and sighed: “Why do I have a baby face? If I were to walk with them, my mighty and majestic temperament would fade to the background!”


After hearing his words, the boys who walked past couldn’t help but look back at Yuan Xi.
After seeing Yuan Xi’s small body, they couldn’t help laughing a little.


Yuan Xi heard laughter, and turned his head.
He happened to see a few people looking at him.
His ears turned red and he walked quickly to the order window to start to choose dishes.


Yuan Xi paid great attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, and balanced nutrition.
He roughly estimated the amount of food he and Fu Yunzhou could eat.
He decided to choose a small amount of many dishes.


He didn’t know that all celebrities loved beauty.
After looking at what was offered, most of the things available were related to beauty.


Tremella, lotus seeds, lily, red dates were all available.


After Yuan Xi looked around, he finally decided on some warm dishes.


Yuan Xi had a lot of food in his hand, and he was wearing casual clothes.
After the trainees saw him, they assumed he was one of them.


Seeing the amount of food Yuan Xi was carrying, people looked at him strangely.


Yuan Xi didn’t notice the eyes around him, and immediately went to the office after making his purchase.


After pushing the door open, Yuan Xi saw Fu Yunzhou had picked up the document and was processing it.


Yuan Xi put their lunch on the table, and grabbed the document to put on his own desk.


Before Fu Yunzhou could react, he stuffed chopsticks and steamed buns into his hands.


The lunch containers were all opened, and they both could smell the aroma of the food.
Yuan Xi,who was hungry, felt his stomach begin to protest after not being fed.


When Fu Yunzhou recovered from the surprise of someone daring to take his documents, he saw his desk had become the dining table for some unknown reason.


The food boxes were neatly arranged and there was a bowl of porridge in front of him.
Just looking at it, Fu Yunzhou knew that it was another overly sweet bowl.


Taking a bite of the steamed bun, he glanced at the dishes on the table.


Celery, carrots, beans, these are things that Fu Yunzhou didn’t like to eat.


After Yuan Xi took a few bites, he saw that Fu Yunzhou was just watching him quietly without any intention to move his chopsticks.
He looked at the other party, then took his chopsticks and placed a carrot on Fu Yunzhou’s steamed bun.


“Come on, eat more carrots to supplement vitamins.
There are many nutrients in carrots, and eating more is good for your body.
Next time, I’ll get some spinach.
Spinach also contains a lot of nutrients.”


Fu Yunzhou looked at his steamed bun with the slice of orange carrot on top and frowned.


“I don’t eat…” As soon as he said the words, Fu Yunzhou suddenly thought of something, looked up at Yuan Xi and changed his tone, “I don’t like their carrots, you eat more.”


Yuan Xi looked up.
Fu Yunzhou took another look at the carrots, so Yuan Xi repeated: “You don’t like eating from the company? Or you don’t like eating carrots?”


Fu Yunzhou lowered his head and ate other dishes without answering.


“Yun Zhou, the vitamin content in carrots is very high.
And eating carrots is not only good for the body, but also for the eyes! Also, carrots are inconspicuous, but they have many uses.
You don’t need beauty supplements.
Your health is not good, so you can’t be picky.
Eat more, it’s good for your health!”


The sound of nagging kept ringing in his ears, and Fu Yunzhou stuffed a piece of braised pork in Yuan Xi’s mouth: “I don’t like company food.”


Yuan Xi chewed the braised pork, then said seriously after swallowing it, “Well, you like to eat what Aunt Zhang makes.
I’ll learn how to cook with her, and then when we go back in the evening, I’ll cook it for you in the future.
Be good, and don’t be picky.
You’re already weak, and your face is pale like you’re wearing a layer of powder.”


Yuan Xi’s small mouth began to talk non-stop, so Fu Yunzhou lowered his head and took a few bites.
He picked up his chopsticks again and stuffed a carrot into Yuan Xi’s mouth.
“Good, eat first.”


Yuan Xi chewed obediently, and glanced at Fu Yunzhou suspiciously.


The company’s carrots were also delicious, why doesn’t he like it?


After eating the carrots, Yuan Xi finally began to eat seriously, and did not continue talking.


Fu Yunzhou took a peek at him to make sure Yuan Xi wasn’t going to continue lecturing.
Afterwards, relaxed and began to reflect on himself seriously.


Why couldn’t he be ruthless with Yuan Xi, and instead just endured the torture silently?


Looking at Yuan Xi’s face that was small like a minor’s, he lowered his head silently.


Well, probably because if he got angry at such a face in his heart he would feel the guilt of bullying a child.


If Fu Yushen knew his older brother had such a realization, he would definitely cry hugging Aunt Zhang.


Faced with a cold face for so many years, it was the first time he would have known his older brother could feel such a thing as guilt! It was really rare!

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