lth since he was a child, but his talent in business was very outstanding.
It was precisely because of this that most of the Fu family’s business was now mostly managed by Fu Yunzhou.


In order to keep a clear head, Fu Yunzhou had become accustomed to drinking a cup of coffee every day to refresh himself.


Also because of his busy schedule, Fu Yunzhou had stomach problems since he was young.
But on this point, no one could convince Fu Yunzhou.


Eat well and pay attention to his body.
No matter how many times the master and his wife had said it, Fu Yunzhou only agreed on the surface, and forgot all about it when he was at the company.


Aunt Zhang watched Fu Yunzhou grow up and knew how much pressure Fu Yunzhou put on himself.
And because he had poor health since he was young, Fu Yunzhou did not enjoy his childhood like a child should.
Because of this, everyone in the Fu family was very indulgent towards Fu Yunzhou.


Therefore, Aunt Zhang was very surprised when she saw Yuan Zi make Fu Yunzhou drink milk and skip his coffee.


Yuan Xi finished eating the last dumpling on his plate, and took a sip of milk.


Aunt Zhang, can you make some stomach-nourishing porridge at night? Yunzhou comes back very late at night.
His stomach is not good.
If, when he comes back at night, he has something to nourish the stomach, he will feel much better.”


Aunt Zhang nodded.
The eyes that looked at Yuan Xi became more and more gentle, and her expression became more and more loving.


Glancing at the time, Yuan Xi finished drinking his milk, picked up his backpack and said goodbye to Aunt Zhang before leaving.


Without his coffee in the morning, Fu Yunzhou felt a little uncomfortable all day.
But he had to admit, his stomach felt much better all day.


Glancing at the stomach medicine that was ready at all times, Fu Yunzhou couldn’t help but smile.
He took out his mobile phone and made a call.


“Help me find what Yuan Xi’s recent job is, and what time he commutes to work every day.”


The information Fu Yunzhou asked for was delivered to him in the afternoon.


The information was very simple, and there was not much content.
After reading it, Fu Yunzhou’s expression was not very good.
He did not think that Yuan Xi’s job was part time at the amusement park.
He imagined Yuan Xi wearing a mascot costume, standing at the entrance of the amusement park and blowing balloons.
Fu Yunzhou couldn’t help but laugh.


It felt a little cute.


After putting down the information on Yuan Xi, Fu Yunzhou looked at the document in front of him, but couldn’t read a word.
On the contrary, Yuan Xi in a doll costume kept appearing in his mind.


Finally unable to hold back the curiosity in his heart, Fu Yunzhou left work early for the first time to do other things.


The amusement park where Yuan Xi worked at was the largest amusement park in City B.
Because it was a weekday, there were not many people in the amusement park.
But even so, Yuan Xi needed to constantly stand at the door and greet those who came.


Fu Yunzhou drove to the entrance of the amusement park, and through the glass, saw a baby brown bear mascot suit.


Stupid look, but a little cute.


Wearing the bulky doll suit, it was easy for people to forget about the person under the suit.
Somebody threw a mineral water bottle on the ground and tripped the baby bear.


Fu Yunzhou clenched his hand on the steering wheel for a moment after seeing the baby bear fall, and a hint of distress flashed in his heart.


Fortunately, the baby bear was quickly helped up.
Because Yuan Xi was wearing a thick mascot costume, he was not hurt, but getting up was difficult.


The rubbish on the ground was quickly cleaned up, and Yuan Xi went back to distributing balloons to the surrounding women and children.


Seeing that stupid little bear running around handing out balloons, Fu Yunzhou wanted to him away for a moment.


The feeling that suddenly appeared in Fu Yunzhou’s heart was uncomfortable and confusing.
This feeling that had never appeared made Fu Yunzhou feel a little strange and resistant.


He hadn’t met Yuan Xi many times, less than five times in total, but in that small amount of time he developed some different feelings for Yuan Xi.
This gave Fu Yunzhou a sense of fear and a feeling of strangeness.


Fu Yunzhou didn’t believe in love at first sight, but now his concern for Yuan Xi was obviously beyond normal boundaries.


Forcefully suppressing the discomfort in his heart, Fu Yunzhou made himself look away from the clumsy baby bear in the amusement park, and drove away.


The author has something to say:


Male god: Baby bear’s clothes are so cute, I think…


Yuan Xi: No you don’t.


da…: she was about to say da shao ye (first young master) but caught herself

full of loopholes: like, she still would have seen/heard of him bc she’s still gotta cook, clean his room, etc.
it’s hard to forget when there’s only the two of them plus any other workers there

180cm: 5’11 (so basically he’s at least 6’ bc he's taller than 180cm)

177cm: 5'9.5 ish

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