That night, after he returned home, Fu Yunzhou was standing at the door.
For the first time, he was afraid to push the door open.


After Yuan Xi got off work, he saw Aunt Zhang’s stomach-nourishing porridge right away.


Aunt Zhang’s porridge was much richer than Yuan Xi’s millet porridge, and it contained more ingredients that were good for the stomach.
Aunt Zhang’s craftsmanship was naturally better than Yuan Xi’s.


When Fu Yunzhou entered, Yuan Xi had already heated up all of the food.


After hearing movement, Yuan Xi brought out the food with some tableware.


Looking at the leftover food, Fu Yunzhou touched his stomach, before grabbing the porridge and placing the extra food in front of Yuan Xi.


“I’ve already eaten dinner, you need to grow up, eat more.”


Yuan Xi’s expression became a little grim when he heard the comment on his height.
Holding back his expression, he kept telling himself in his heart that this was a male god, so he wouldn’t be angry, couldn’t be angry.


Fu Yunzhou took a mouthful of porridge and immediately realized the porridge was not made by Yuan Xi.


On the other hand, Yuan Xi didn’t know if it was because he was angry, but he began to pick at the food that was originally reserved for Fu Yunzhou.


Yuan Xi took a big bite, and there wasn’t much food left anyways.
After Yuan Xi finished eating, Fu Yunzhou had also just finished drinking the porridge.


Yuan Xi glanced at Fu Yunzhou, got up and sorted out the tableware.


Looking at Yuan Xi’s back while he entered the kitchen, Fu Yunzhou smiled slightly.
He got up and walked to the kitchen’s entrance, looking at the busy figure.
He said softly, “Your porridge is better.”


After that, Fu Yunzhou turned and walked upstairs.


By the time Yuan Xi recovered from Fu Yunzhou’s praise, the man had already disappeared.


Looking in the direction of the stairs, Yuan Xi smirked dumbly.
“The porridge I made is better than Aunt Zhang’s? Hehe, the male god likes my cooking!”


Yuan Xi did not sleep well.
He got up early in the morning to help Aunt Zhang make breakfast.


Although Yuan Xi’s craftsmanship was not up to professional standard, he was very skilled.
When he was hidden in the snow, he learned to cook by himself to save money rather than eating out.


The taste of this meal wasn’t much better than usual, but there was something to be said about proficiency.


When Aunt Zhang saw Yuan Xi helping, she didn’t say anything.
After seeing Yuan Xi’s skilled appearance, though, she couldn’t help but ask, “Xiao Xi, do you cook often?”


Yuan Xi’s cheerful hand paused, he didn’t know if the original owner could cook, and he didn’t know if Aunt Zhang knew more than him.
So, he quickly began to think about how he should food her, and so his answer was vague.


“As an orphan, I’ve definitely cooked before in order to save money.”


Aunt Zhang gave Yuan Xi a strange look, nodded, and didn’t continue speaking.


After Aunt Zhang and Yuan Xi finished making breakfast, Fu Yunzhou came downstairs.
He saw the milk on the table, and for a moment, he wanted to turn around and leave.


Yuan Xi had already seen Fu Yunzhou when he came downstairs.
He looked at Fu Yunzhou excitedly, “Yun Zhou, come and eat.
Today’s breakfast is very rich.
Dumplings with beef and carrots, which are good for the eyes!”


Fu Yunzhou stopped his steps, and forced himself to walk towards Yuan Xi.


There were several plates and small steamers on the table, and each steamer contained six or seven steamed buns, which looked exquisite and small.
There were some simple side dishes on other plates, and it all looked more appetizing with dumplings.


In addition, Yuan Xi also brought two bowls of wontons to the table.


“You ate very little yesterday, so today I prepared some small wontons for you.
You only need to eat a basket full of dumplings and a bowl of wontons, and tonight I will cook you some porridge!”


While saying this, Yuan Xi’s expression was a little arrogant, it looked very cute.
And when he looked at Fu Yunzhou, there was deep worry in his eyes.


“Although you don’t feel it right now, people can tell by looking at your face and mouth that you are sick.
So, for the sake of your own safety, you need to listen to me now and eat more to improve your health.
For your stamina!”


Fu Yuanzhou looked at the food in front of him.
The amount was more than double what he normally ate.


Just looking at it, Fu Yunzhou felt full.
He did not feel hungry at all.


In his heart, he wanted to refuse, but after seeing Yuan Xi’s concerned look, Fu Yunzhou swallowed the words he wanted to say.
He lowered his head and ate the dumplings in front of Yuan Xi, while he reflected.


Had he been brought low? Why did he compromise when he looked at Yuan Xi?


Yuan Xi didn’t hover.
After seeing Fu Yunzhou eating obediently, he began to eat the food in front of him with peace of mind.


Yuan Xi ate much faster than Fu Yunzhou.
After he finished, Yuan Xi did not leave, but watched Fu Yunzhou eating while drinking his milk.
After making sure that Fu Yunzhou ate all the food in front of him, Yuan Xi breathed a sigh of relief and poured a glass of water for him.


Fu Yunzhou reached out to touch his stomach, glanced at Yuan Xi, and resisted rolling his eyes.
Thinking of his own image, Fu Yunzhou held back.


He took the water glass from Yuan Xi’s hand, sat on the chair, and rubbed his stomach to help digestion.


Yuan Xi nodded with satisfaction, and after confirming that Fu Yunzhou stayed obedient, he got up and packed his bag to leave.


Fu Yunzhou looked at Yuan Xi’s back, eyes falling on the bear decoration on his backpack.
His eyes moved slightly: “Wait.”


Suddenly stopping, Yuan Xi looked back at Fu Yunzhou curiously, and the bear on the backpack followed him.
The action flickered.
Fu Yunzhou’s eyes moved with the swaying of the little bear.


Yuan Xi turned to look at Fu Yunzhou.
“Is there anything else? I still have to go to work, I’ll get less money if I’m late.”


“I have a job here, do you want it?” Fu Yunzhou pointed with his finger.
Rubbing the water glass, his tone was calm, but his heart was jumping, as if expecting something.


Yuan Xi tilted his head, looked at Fu Yunzhou for a while, then smiled.
“No, I quite like my current job.
I don’t know anything, and if I go, I’m afraid I’ll embarrass you.”


Fu Yunzhou smiled helplessly, but didn’t feel anything in the face of Yuan Xi’s rejection.


Looking up at Yuan Xi, he said in a serious tone, “I’ll keep the job for you.
When you change your mind, you can come to me.”


Yuan Xi nodded, and after saying his goodbyes to Fu Yunzhou and Aunt Zhang, he turned around and left.


Yuan Xi, who walked out of the Fu house, patted his chest.
He didn’t know anything about “Yuan Xi” and he didn’t know if there was any relationship between Yunzhou and “Yuan Xi.” For now, he’ll hide while he can.


Otherwise, if he accepted the offer just now, he was afraid he would reveal himself soon.


Yuan Xi, who thought he escaped disaster, glanced behind him, turned and ran quickly towards the amusement park.


Standing at the front door, Fu Yunzhou couldn’t help but smile when he saw Yuan Xi running away.
He glanced down at the water in his hand, then finished the rest.


He ate a lot at breakfast, so Fu Yuzhou felt his stomach swell all morning, but he didn’t have stomach pain.
When eating at noon, Fu Yunzhou looked at the food in front of him and still didn’t have much of an appetite.
He wasn’t sure if it was due to psychological reasons, but Fu Yunzhou always felt like his stomach was full, and that he hadn’t digested his food.


Thinking of Yuan Xi’s concerned look, Fu Yunzhou forced himself to eat.


Fu Yunzhou had a lot of work.
Even when he finished his own work, he still needed to inspect other’s projects, manage and supervise, and check whether there were any illegal or unethical operations.


Every year, there would be many accidents with violating regulations.
Even in very simple and normal projects there could still be accidents.


Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of their workers, the Fu group would send someone for inspections before each project.
After the project has started, Fu Yunzhou would make random safety checks.


After finishing the work at hand, Fu Yunzhou saw more things on his desk that needed to be checked, and couldn’t help but think of the scene where Yuan Xi fell to the ground in the baby bear’s clothes.


Yuan Xi needed to stand there all day in that bulky baby bear costume, with that clumsy look.
Although he didn’t know the exact amount of money Yuan Xi was getting, in Fu Yunzhou’s opinion, that job was absolutely not worth his while.


Fu Yunzhou glanced at the work report in his hand, which held that area that needed to be inspected.
Most of them are relatively safe, but there could be many different types of accidents.


Thinking of where Yuan Xi was, although it didn’t seem to be dangerous, what would happen if something went wrong? What if no one helped Yuan Xi after a fall, and he got stepped on?


The more he thought about it, the more chaotic Fu Yunzhou’s heart became, as if he was watching Yuan Xi about to have an accident.


As long as he thought about Yuan Xi having an accident, Fu Yunzhou couldn’t sit still.
He quickly sorted out the information in his hand, got up and drove to the amusement park where Yuan Xi was.

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