With the TV on, Duan Changqing held Xie Yunnan’s textbook, and began to study like he was digging for treasure.

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The TV channel is specially for preschool children to learn to speak, read, and understand the world.

Duan Changqing has two purposes – to learn knowledge, and to gain a certain understanding of the world.

When Duan Changqing was studying, Xie Yunnan was downstairs repairing cars.

At nine o’clock in the morning, a few mercenaries dragged a car in for repairs.

It was a truck with lots of bump marks and thick mud hanging over it.

In the middle of the room where Xie Yunnan used to repair the car, a ditch was dug.
The car was parked in the room right now, and the ditch was below the car.

Xie Yunnan climbed into the ditch and disassembled the bottom of the car.

From time to time, dry mud fell from the bottom of the car.
He wore a mask to prevent himself from inhaling the dust, but particles inevitably fell on his body, and the crevices of his hair were covered.

When he finally found the problem with the bottom of the car and fixed it, and climbed back out, his entire body was filthy.

That’s how he looked when he met Liao Muye, who appeared in his shop at some point.

Xie Yunnan saw the disgust in Liao Muye’s eyes.

It’s normal for a young master like Liao Muye to despise people in the fringe area.
Since you despise us, can you stay farther away from us?

After all, in the memories of the future he suddenly got, whether it was the Liao family or Yan Yuge, they were all neurotic, and felt that he seduced Liao Muye all day long.

Xie Yunnan was annoyed, but he couldn’t offend Liao Muye yet.
“Is there anything wrong, young master Liao?”

“Nothing, just saying hi along the way.” Liao Muye looked up and down at the unkept Xie Yunnan.

Xie Yunnan was a little impatient: “Young master Liao, we don’t know each other well.”

“That’s right.” Liao Muye chuckled and left.

Xie Yunnan was so indifferent to him, was he playing hard to get?

Unfortunately, he no longer likes Xie Yunnan.

As soon as Liao Muye left, Xie Yunnan couldn’t help but scolded “crazy” under his breath a few times.

The eldest young master of the Liao family has countless fans in Hongye City.
Even he was blind enough to worship that man before.

Xie Yunnan never expected this man to have a problem with his head.

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Lowering his head, he patted his hair with his hands to remove the dust from his hair.
Xie Yunnan was about to wash his hands and face when he saw a sports car parked in front of his house.

This car also appeared in his memory – it was Yan Yuge’s car.

That Liao Muye attracted Yan Yuge!

Xie Yunnan was very happy this morning, but his good mood disappeared instantly upon encountering problems one after another now.

He saw the window of the car lower, and Yan Yuge’s face appeared.

Yan Yuge looked far less arrogant than last time.
He was rather gloomy, as he stared in his direction.

Xie Yunnan heard a “thud” in his heart.

Judging from that memory… Yan Yuge’s brain has a problem.

He took Liao Muye very seriously.
No matter who Liao Muye was nice to or why, he would bite them like a mad dog.

Xie Yunnan really didn’t want to provoke him.

But now it seems like he provoked him.

Yan Yuge didn’t say a word, glanced at Xie Yunnan, started the car and left.

Watching him leave, Xie Yunnan couldn’t help trembling as he thought of the many methods he might use next.

He wanted to avoid these people, but they didn’t seem avoidable.

What should he do now?

He had no thoughts about Liao Muye, so how can he convince Yan Yuge? Does he have to get married?

Wait… get married?

If he gets married, these people won’t pester him, right? At least Yan Yuge shouldn’t attack, right…

Xie Yunnan suddenly thought of the great beauty lying on his bed.

If they get married, it’s a win-win.

He needs to be married to let others know that he has no idea about Liao Muye at all.

What about that person? That person was very beautiful, but he was really weak, and his companion beast is a little chipmunk… Even if he’s no longer in danger, living alone won’t be easy in the future.

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But if they get married, he will take good care of his partner.

This person likes him.
Although he doesn’t like this person yet, he doesn’t hate this person.
Things really work out if they’re together.

Deep in thought, Xie Yunnan went upstairs and directly to the bathroom.

In order to propose to someone, he has to clean up and not have dirty hair first.

After taking a shower, Xie Yunnan simply dried his hair and put on a set of clean clothes before entering the master bedroom.

As soon as he entered, he was stunned.

In the morning, in order to take care of that person, they ate breakfast in the bedroom.

His appetite is not small, and he has to eat two or three bowls of rice at a time.
For the convenience of serving rice, he also brought the rice cooker into the room.

As a result… on the small table beside the bed, the rice in the rice cooker that he planned to eat at noon is gone.
The scrambled eggs next to it are also gone, but there are still some pickles left.

“You… ate it all?” Xie Yunnan’s voice trembled a little.

Duan Changqing looked up at Xie Yunnan with a little embarrassment.
“I was hungry…” With spiritual marrow in his body, his body recovers quickly, and his appetite is… increased.

Eating while studying, he ate too much without noticing.

“I know you were starving before, but you can’t eat too much at one time.
It will easily ruin your stomach.” Xie Yunnan walked over and reached out to touch Duan Changqing’s stomach.

He thought the man’s stomach would bulge, but in fact… he didn’t feel a bulge.

This person… digested a pot of rice?

He was molested again… Duan Changqing smiled at Xie Yunnan.
“It’s alright.”

He studied all morning, but still didn’t know much, so his accent… was still like a cute child.

Who told him to watch cartoons for children all the time!

Duan Changqing probably also knows that there is something wrong with what he said, but there is no one else here, only his future Taoist companion.
It doesn’t matter if he loses face in front of his own person.
“I have learned a lot and can write a lot of words!”

A powerful divine consciousness is really convenient.
He can memorize everything in a book after flipping through it once.

Although he can’t speak much, he can write a lot.
After reading a few textbooks, he can basically write all the commonly used words.

The thin beauty looked like he was waiting for a compliment, and the little chipmunk also ran in front of him, looking at him with bright black eyes.

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Xie Yunnan praised: “You are awesome!”

Duan Changqing smiled.

Moved, Xie Yunnan asked, “What’s your name?”

“Duan Changqing.” The language of this world is somewhat similar to Chinese, so his original name can also be used here.

“Nice name… Duan Changqing, are you willing to marry me?” Xie Yunnan has always been decisive.
After he decided to get married, he immediately proposed.

“Marriage?” Duan Changqing didn’t understand.

“Marriage means two people being together, always together…” Xie Yunnan gestured to Duan Changqing.

After some gestures, Duan Changqing finally understood what Xie Yunnan meant.

This man wants to marry him!

This speed is really too fast, and caught him off guard!

How much does this man like him? They have only known each other for a few days, and he’s proposing to marry!

This is to tie him up in the shortest possible time, right?

“So, are you willing to marry me?” Xie Yunnan was a little nervous and a little embarrassed.

The person in front of him doesn’t even know what marriage is.
Proposing marriage now almost feels like he is abducting a child.

Thinking like this, he said again: “Don’t worry, if you don’t like me in the future, we can divorce… After we get married, I will treat you well, and I will definitely not let anyone hurt you.”

In fact, another reason he was in a hurry to get married is because the exotic beasts are about to attack the fringe area.

If things are normal, he can wait until Duan Changqing recovers from his injuries to teach him some life skills, and then let him live by himself.

But now the beast wave is coming… Putting aside his poor health, asking  Duan Changqing to live by himself without being able to speak, isn’t this the same as harming him?

And because Duan Changqing’s identity is unknown, the people in the town may not accept him.

But if they get married, no matter what Duan Changqing’s identity is, the people in the town will treat him as their own.

“I agree.” Duan Changqing said.
Although he didn’t understand a lot, this person likes him so much, and he doesn’t want to disappoint or make him sad.

“Then I’ll arrange an identity for you, and we’ll get married in a few days.” Xie Yunnan said.
After he finished speaking, he stared at Duan Changqing’s face for a while, and opened his mouth again.
“I’ll help you with a disguise at that time.
Your face is too attractive…”

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Duan Changqing was a little embarrassed by Xie Yunnan’s focused gaze.

Alas, such an enthusiastic Taoist companion, he really can’t stand it.

That’s right, since he proposed, does this person want to climb into his bed?

But he’s not in good health…

Seeing that Duan Changqing’s face was a little red, Xie Yunnan couldn’t help smiling.

Although he didn’t know anything about him, and might have just proposed to a criminal or cheated marriage, he doesn’t look forced.

Based on Duan Changqing’s expression, it’s clear that this person likes him very much.

He will definitely treat him well and try to keep him alive in the impending disaster!

“I’m going to cook.” Xie Yunnan said again.

After successfully proposing marriage, he wanted to celebrate.
Duan Changqing is probably also hungry, and his appetite is very good… so Xie Yunnan specially cooked a little.
He took out a package of chicken legs from the refrigerator, chopped it up, and braised it.

There weren’t any vegetables at home, but this wasn’t hard to fix.
Xie Yunnan ran downstairs and brought back a large amount of sweet potato leaves after a while.

Sweet potato harvests have been plentiful recently.

Plantations don’t need sweet potato leaves or vines, but they must be cut off before harvesting the sweet potatoes.
Some plantations don’t allow workers to take them away, but others will give them to the workers.

The workers will eat or sell the tender sweet potato vines, and the fibrous tough ones will be fed to livestock.

Xie Yunnan stir fried a large pot of sweet potato leaves, along with braised chicken legs and rice, and brought it to the bed.

He can’t let his partner go hungry.


T/N: Trying to figure out what’s best for pet pronouns.
It or He/She (based on owner).

I know the author keeps saying the food isn’t the best, but that meal of chicken on rice + greens… reminds me of Hainanese (Singapore) chicken rice.


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