Sitting on the chair, Xie Yunnan’s face was pale.

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“Yunnan, what’s wrong with you?” Someone noticed Xie Yunnan’s face was wrong, and asked.

“I’m fine, everyone please return to your own affairs.” Xie Yunnan smiled at the people around him.

Everyone has business to take care of, and Xie Yunnan’s injury is not particularly serious…

They quickly went back to work.

After changing clothes, Xie Yunnan sat back down to sort out the memories related to the future that suddenly appeared in his mind.

That memory started when Yan Yuge came to trouble him.

According to this sudden memory, next, Liao Xingyuan will come to him and tell him not to listen to Yan Yuge’s nonsense, saying that the so-called marriage contract between Yan Yuge and Liao Muye is just a joke by the parents when they were young, and cannot be taken seriously at all, and that Liao Muye likes him.

He didn’t believe it at all, but Liao Xingyuan was firm.

After that, Liao Xingyuan still insisted on taking care of the him who was injured… Of course, Liao Xingyuan was taken away by Liao Muye a few days later.

But after a few days of walking, Liao Xingyuan came again.

After half a month, a lot of beasts suddenly appeared in the fringe area, attacking humans from time to time, and making the area highly dangerous.

At that time, people panicked.
Liao Xingyuan, who was living with him, was also frightened and planned to go back.

As a result, before Liao Xingyuan could leave, the town was attacked by wolves.

He and Liao Xingyuan’s companion beasts are very weak and have no fighting power.
Fortunately, he still has some skills… But no matter how good he was, he’s just an ordinary person who’s not even a warrior.
And those wolves were mutant beasts of Hongye Forest…

He was seriously injured in order to protect Liao Xingyuan.
Luckily Liao Muye appeared and rescued them.

After the incident, Liao Muye took him and Liao Xingyuan to the central district for treatment.

As a result, the crazy Yan Yuge came to trouble him several times while he was still lying on the hospital bed.
It almost made his injuries worsen.

He couldn’t stay in the hospital and had to leave early.

If it weren’t for him, Liao Xingyuan would be dead.
His hand was also injured in the process of saving Liao Xingyuan… When he was discharged from the hospital, the Liao family gave him a small house in the central district as a thank you.

With the hand injury, he could no longer repair cars.
And at that time, the fringe area was already occupied by beasts…

Those who survived all moved to the general district.
He simply lived in the central district and planned to work and support here.

But he was having a hard time—almost every time his life got a little better, there was trouble.

During this period, Yan Yuge also came to trouble him several times.

After a while, he fell ill and the old wound on his hand recurred.
He had no choice but to borrow money from Liao Xingyuan, but Liao Xingyuan avoided seeing him and blocked him.

After thinking about it, he planned to sell the house given to him by the Liao family and move to an general district, but before the house was sold, he was attacked.

Someone tied him outside the city and threw him into the pack.
The man also said that he did this because he had been pestering Liao Muye.

Damn it, he never pestered Liao Muye from beginning to end!

Among the beasts, only his companion beast Xiaobai desperately protected him, but the two of them were outnumbered and both died in the end.

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Xie Yunnan trembled with anger after reading this memory that appeared inexplicably.

Who did he provoke? Lose your life in vain!

That Yan Yuge is simply crazy! The two brothers of the Liao family are also disaster stars!

He shouldn’t have the slightest contact with this group of people!

Xie Yunnan was angry, and suddenly thought… This memory may not be true.

Just as he had the idea, he saw a car parked in front of his auto repair shop.

When the car door opened, Xie Yunnan saw a familiar face – Liao Xingyuan.

Liao Xingyuan got out of the car and ran towards him: “Brother Yunnan, are you alright? Did Yan Yuge come to trouble you?”

This scene was exactly the same as in that memory.

Xie Yunnan’s heart was shocked, and he asked like in that memory: “Who is Yan Yuge?”

Liao Muye’s name is well known in Hongye City, but Yan Yuge… This name, he has never heard before today.

“Yan Yuge is my brother’s childhood.
Did he tell you that he is my brother’s fiancé? That was just a joke between my uncle and his father.
He’s the one who took it seriously and told everyone!” Liao Xingyuan seemed very angry.
“Brother Yunnan, don’t believe him.
Let me tell you, the person my brother likes is you.”

Liao Xingyuan lowered his voice after speaking, as if he had just leaked a big secret.

Xie Yunnan: “…” Liao Xingyuan’s words were exactly the same as the memory he had inexplicably acquired just now.

So… that memory is real?

Xie Yunnan recalled the things that happened in that memory.
Recalling how unlucky he was later, and even dying in 3 months, he felt very angry.

Liao Xingyuan is eighteen years old this year.
He has some pimples on his forehead, but he is not ugly at all.
There are very few ugly people in those big families that have lasted for hundreds of years.

Coupled with his youth and naivety, Xie Yunnan regarded him as a younger brother before.
Feeling that such a young master could not be offended, he always coaxed him.

But all good feelings towards Liao Xingyuan vanished in an instant.

Don’t mention that Liao Muye never expressed his opinion.
Liao Xingyuan repeatedly told him that Liao Muye liked him, and even encouraged him to chase after Liao Muye.
What is this?

Also, in that memory, he rescued Liao Xingyuan and was taken to the hospital in the central district for treatment.
Liao Xingyuan never showed his face afterwards.

He went to find Liao Xingyuan later.
When he saw Liao Xingyuan from a distance, Liao Xingyuan should have seen him too, but he turned around and left.

Xie Yunnan’s eyes on Liao Xingyuan changed.

Liao Xingyuan also felt that something was wrong: “Brother Yunnan, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, don’t say such things again!” Xie Yunnan said in a bad tone.

“Brother Yunnan, I’m telling the truth, my brother really likes you.
He pays special attention to you, it’s the first time I’ve seen him pay such attention to a person…” Liao Xingyuan added.

After Liao Xingyuan appeared, everyone nearby looked over in worry.

Liao Xingyuan is a young master of the central district, so no one dared offend or even approach him.

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Because of this, no one else heard what Liao Xingyuan said.

Fortunately no one heard.

He really didn’t want to have anything to do with Liao Muye at all!

“I have something to do today, and am afraid I won’t have time to entertain you.” Xie Yunnan looked at Liao Xingyuan.
He actually wanted to drive the person out with a broom, but he was afraid that this person would trouble him.

The wound on his shoulder was still aching, and he couldn’t afford to offend such a young master now.

Liao Xingyuan said: “It’s fine, I’ll just stay by myself.”

“I’m going out.”

“Where are you going? I’ll go with you!”

“I’m going to wash clothes by the river, what about you?” Xie Yunnan put his work clothes into the washbasin.

The clothes he wears on a daily basis are washed in the washing machine, but the clothes he wears at work have organic oils on them.
The washing machine cannot wash them completely, and they must be washed by hand.

To do so, one has to go to the river near the town to wash.
There is only a river there, and there is no place to play.

Liao Xingyuan felt Xie Yunnan’s indifference and impatience.
As the eldest young master, he didn’t want to put his face on the cold buttocks either,1 and he immediately said: “Then I’ll go back.”

Xie Yunnan just wanted him to leave.

Liao Xingyuan was so angry he walked even faster.

His companion beast is a peacock, which has no fighting power at all, and is completely different from his cousin’s tiger.

Because of this, he was not taken seriously at home, so he ran away from home in anger.

But he is a young master in the end, and won’t bear Xie Yunnan’s temper.

Seeing Liao Xingyuan leave, Xie Yunnan took the basin of clothes and walked to the river.

But when he got to the river, instead of washing his clothes, he turned a corner and came to the bushes by the river.

He is not in the mood to do laundry now, he just wants to find a place to organize his thoughts.

At the same time, Liao Xingyuan drove out of the town, planning to find a place to play.

He didn’t drive very far when he was stopped by another car.
The window of that car slid down, revealing Liao Muye’s stern face.

Liao Xingyuan’s car is expensive and gorgeous, but it was nothing compared to Liao Muye’s car.

The purchase price of Liao Muye’s car was more than ten times that of his car, and he also spent a lot of money on special modifications.

“Brother…” Liao Xingyuan looked at Liao Muye with complicated eyes.
He came out often and Liao Muye never ignored him.
But every time he came to Xie Yunnan, Liao Muye would come over, and Liao Muye also asked someone to investigate Xie Yunnan… if Liao Muye wasn’t interested in Xie Yunnan, then what?

“Why didn’t you stay longer this time?” Liao Muye asked.

“Xie Yunnan was probably frightened by Yan Yuge and didn’t want me to stay.” Liao Xingyuan was not stupid and could see Xie Yunnan’s attitude.

“Scared?” Liao Muye chuckled lightly.

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“Brother?” Liao Xingyuan frowned slightly, why did he feel that when Liao Muye said this… he sounded sarcastic?

“Okay, go back!” Liao Muye said nothing.

Xie Yunnan didn’t know about the Liao brothers.

He sat in the bushes and released his companion beast, Xiaobai.

Seeing Xiaobai, Xie Yunnan couldn’t hold back.
Hugging Xiaobai tightly, he buried his face in Xiaobai’s soft fur.

That memory didn’t feel like his own lived experience, it was more like watching TV.

But he could still feel the despair inside.

Especially in the end…

In the beast horde, Xiaobai, who had never reached adulthood and looked like a child, desperately protected him and died in front of him…

Xie Yunnan’s eyes were a little red.

After a while, he slowed down and began to think about what to do next.

He must avoid Yan Yuge and the Liao brothers first, and then there are all kinds of things that will happen next…

Hongye City where he lives is divided into three areas.
The center is the central district, where the richest people live.

On the periphery of the central district, the area surrounding the central district is the general district.
The vast majority of Hongye City’s population reside here.

Outside the general district, there is a fringe area that is much larger than the general district and central district combined.

Farms, plantations, and other things necessary to supply food for the people in the general and central districts are mostly in the fringe area.

There are a lot of people in the general district who actually work in the fringe area.

At the same time, there are people who live in the fringe area.
Many residents in his town have always lived here.

Since it is called the “fringe area”, it is naturally not a good place.

In this world, there are many powerful beasts called “exotic beasts”.
These beasts live in the wild and generally do not attack humans, but when they can’t find food or are provoked, they will attack.

Both the central district and the general district are very safe, but the fringes with a vast area and sparse population isn’t very safe.

In particular, the reason why their Hongye City is called Hongye City is because there is a forest with red-leaved forest2, called Hongye Forest, not far away.

Hongye Forest is very large, and there are countless exotic beasts living in it; even the most powerful warriors don’t dare venture deep.
Sometimes low-level exotic beasts will attack people who live in the fringe area.

Of course, in a small town like his, security can still be ensured because of the large number of people.
But those who live in more remote places because they have no money, or are alone, are in danger.

And in that memory, not long after, there will be many exotic beasts running out of Hongye Forest.

The wolves that caused him to be seriously injured and lose one hand were also exotic beasts.
Many other people in town were bitten to death by them as well.

Fortunately, they were later admitted to the general district.

But even after entering the general district, they had to pay for food, drink, and housing, by themselves!

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Before his grandfather passed away two years ago, he was hospitalized draining all the family savings.
Although his income in the past two years was good, he really didn’t have much saved up.

Prices in the general district were already higher than those in the fringe area.
After the accident, food prices in Hongye City continued to skyrocket… he really lacked money.

Thinking of this, Xie Yunnan was even more annoyed at Liao Xingyuan.

Everytime Liao Xingyuan ran away from home and lived in his house… He has always eaten and drank at his house for free!

He has a good income, and his purse strings are also a little loose.
Usually, he will give the neighbors a little when they need to borrow money.
And when he saw the pitiful Liao Xingyuan at first, he took him in without asking Liao Xingyuan for money.

Later, Liao Xingyuan’s identity was exposed, and he came to visit from time to time.
He regarded Liao Xingyuan as a friend and did not want to charge him for food.

But now… just think about it.

He will never do such stupid things in the future.
When Liao Xingyuan comes again, he will directly ask Liao Xingyuan for money!

And the people in the town… Before the exotic beasts attack, he should warn the people in town so they can avoid the danger.

As for those in other places, he had to find a way to notify them.

Xie Yunnan thought about the ins and outs, heaved a sigh of relief, picked up his companion beast Xiaobai and kissed him a few times.

Although Xiaobai is not powerful enough, he is still his favorite Xiaobai!

Xiaobai also rubbed against him, resting his head on his shoulders, and whimpered.

Xie Yunnan knew that Xiaobai found the injury on his shoulder.

“It’s alright, it’s a minor injury.
It’ll get better soon.” After kissing Xiaobai, he took Xiaobai back.
Xie Yunnan came to the river with his clothes, ready to do the laundry.

As a result, when he was washing, he suddenly saw a person floating down the river.

Xie Yunnan frowned.

The river is very big.
It originates from the Holy Mountain, wrapping around Holy City, all the way east to their side, and then passing through Hongye City.

Because of this, there will occasionally be some people or floating corpses in the river, many of whom were people killed in the Holy City and had their bodies disposed of.

His grandfather picked him up by this river.

Someone else might not care if they saw someone floating on the river.
But every time Xie Yunnan saw someone, he would go to see if the floating person was dead or alive.

Of course, he never encountered any living people.
They were all dead, and buried nearby.
It’s probably yet another dead person he’ll have to bury; he only hoped the smell isn’t too bad this time.

Thinking like this, Xie Yunnan picked up the pair of trousers to be washed and plunged into the water.

He swam to the man, and was about to hook his trousers around the man’s neck and pull him over, when he met his gaze.

This man is still alive.


talk to someone who’s clearly being cold, dismissive, or ignoring him


red leaf = Hongye

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