It wasn’t surprising for Duan Changqing to think so.

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Demons are originally animals and plants.
After taking human form, they move in human form, but still retain their original body.

For example, a willow demon he met before was able to come out of the willow tree and walk around after gaining human form.
But when she was weak, the willow tree kept growing in the same place.

When she got stronger, she could put away her own body.

It was rare for her to release her original body, because her foundation would be damaged if anything happened to her body.

This is true of plant demons, and the same is true of animal demons.
Animals cultivate easier than plants.
As soon as they gain human form, they can immediately put away their original bodies, so outsiders cannot see.

With their consciousness transferred over, only animal instincts remain in the original body.
Because it is their original form, their emotions will naturally spill over too.

If they release their original bodies…

Wearing a cold look and “I am very strong” expression, who dares reveal their trembling1main body when fighting?

Of course, they will receive great harm if the main body is damaged.

However, some demon cultivators will deliberately temper their main body to make it very powerful.
In some life-and-death battles, they can combine with their original forms, and exert super strength.

But the demon in front of him… Although his body is full of demonic energy, and has the bloodline of a greater demon, he is not very old.
And the body next to him… is extremely weak.

The main body was released and came up to him… should be because his rescuer had a good impression of him.

Wait, he just transmigrated, and doesn’t even know what this body looks like!

So he just has a good impression of the original owner’s appearance, right?

Ah ah!

Duan Changqing’s mind went around the globe in a short while.
At this time, the fox-like puppy beside his pillow licked him twice.

Duan Changqing recognized that this was a snow-white Samoyed.
Tilting its head at him, it looked very cute.

He spent hundreds of years in the cultivation world, but those years were quite miserable.
At first, he was controlled by others, and then… In order to get rid of being controlled, he was either cultivating or fighting.
Finally, after killing those wicked people, he was attacked by lightning and hacked to death.

This made the memories of his first life the most precious thing.

At that time, he always wanted to have a dog.

But he wasn’t in good health back then.
Although he could earn some money to support himself, he was unable to take care of a pet and had to give up.

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But he learned all about all kinds of dogs, and a smiling angel like the Samoyed was one of his favorite breeds.

Looking at the puppy beside him, Duan Changqing’s hand felt a little itchy.

But he was so weak now that he couldn’t move.

Xie Yunnan didn’t know Duan Changqing’s thoughts, and he didn’t find it strange to see his companion beast licking the dumbfounded beauty.

His companion beast has always maintained its juvenile form and is relatively lively.
When he sees someone who has no ill will towards him, he will get close to it and wag his tail…

Licking someone’s mouth is nothing unusual.

But it’s still not very good… Xie Yunnan went up and patted Xiaobai: “Don’t lick!”

Xiaobai is Xie Yunnan’s companion animal.
He shares Xie Yunnan’s perception, and retains animal instincts.

Turning over, it nuzzled at Xie Yunnan’s hand, crying “woo woo”, and exposed its belly.

Duan Changqing: “…” His hands itched even more.

“Do you want something to eat?” Xie Yunnan asked Duan Changqing again.

Duan Changqing still did not understand, and did not dare to talk nonsense.

Seeing that the person on the bed didn’t speak, Xie Yunnan didn’t ask any more.
He went back to the kitchen, brought back a bowl of the congee he had made before.
Sitting beside the bed, he scooped a spoonful and brought it to Duan Changqing’s mouth.

Although he didn’t understand what Xie Yunnan said, Duan Changqing understood his movements, and opened his mouth immediately.

He’s really hungry!

Xie Yunnan fed Duan Changqing the bowl one bite at a time, and stopped, not daring to feed him more.

This person is so thin and may have been starved for a long time.
Such a person cannot eat too much at one time.

As for the lack of nutrients… There was a saline and then glucose drip today, and he can hang up a bag of amino acids tomorrow.

Wait, with the IV bags full of water, does this person need to use the bathroom?

Xie Yunnan looked at the person on the bed, frowned slightly, and quickly brought a wide-mouthed plastic bottle over and asked, “Do you need to use the toilet?”

Duan Changqing blinked, not knowing what Xie Yunnan was talking about.

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Thinking this person had not said a word, and then drank congee… Xie Yunnan took the initiative to lift the quilt up.

Before his grandfather died, he was unable to take care of himself and Xie Yunnan had to take care of him, so he had experience with these kinds of things.

Duan Changqing: “!!!”

After Duan Changqing solved his physiological problem, Xie Yunnan tightened the bottle cap, threw the bottle away, and went to wash his hands.

Duan Changqing lay on the bed and sighed deeply.

He was floating on the river before and almost thought he was going to die.
At that moment, a handsome young man swam over…

He had to admit that he was a little moved at the time.

It’s a pity that his current body is a little too useless…

Duan Changqing studied his body.

Before, his only remaining consciousness was used to reduce his sense of existence, and he didn’t pay attention to his physical condition.
He only knew that the original owner of this body was a demon.

However, the original owner’s bloodline should not be very good, and he might even be a half-demon.
Either way, the demonic power in his body is very weak.

As for the rest…

Duan Changqing retracted the weak consciousness covering his body, and used it to examine his body.

The original owner’s body is in really poor condition, but there is a lot of spiritual power in his body.

It’s just that the cultivators store their spiritual power in their dantian, but the original owner is different.
The spiritual power in his body is chaotic, running all over his body.

What’s more, there’s actually a piece of spiritual marrow in this body!

Spiritual marrow, the crystallization of spiritual power, is found deep underground.
With the passage of time, the area can be turned into a spiritual vein, and a spiritual stone mine will appear.

Spiritual marrow itself is also of great benefit to cultivators.
One’s progress when cultivating next to spiritual marrow will be very fast.

But putting spiritual marrow into one’s own body… this is completely unnecessary.
Especially since the spiritual power in the original main body is messed up.
Obviously he can’t cultivate.

Duan Changqing felt that his body’s terrible condition might have something to do with the original owner putting the spiritual marrow into his body.

His body has a lot of spiritual power because of the spiritual marrow, but the original owner doesn’t know how to deal with this power.

It feels uncomfortable, even painful, to move due to the rampaging spiritual power.
Because of this, he probably doesn’t like to move, and his body naturally deteriorated.

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Fortunately, he knows how to cultivate!

The spiritual power in this world is much thinner than the cultivation world in his last life.
With this spiritual marrow, his cultivation speed can still reach a thousand miles a day.

Wait, he can’t do that either.

This body is too broken; everything has to be done slowly.

He can’t even start cultivating right now.
First he has to use his spiritual power to repair the internal organs that ruptured due to his divine consciousness when he first transmigrated.

Duan Changqing controlled the spiritual power in his body and slowly repaired his body.

At the same time, Xie Yunnan was tidying up the bedroom next door.

There are two bedrooms upstairs in his house, one for him and his grandfather back then.

Later, when his grandfather died, he moved into the master bedroom where his grandfather lived, and the second bedroom he used to live in was left empty.

Liao Xingyuan lived there for a while before, but after Liao Xingyuan left, he put away the bed.

With his master bedroom occupied by Duan Changqing, he can only sleep in the second bedroom first.

After tidying up, Xie Yunnan went to Duan Changqing’s side again.

He applied medicine for Duan Changqing a second time, fed him some more congee, and helped him go to the toilet once before returning to his room to sleep.

A lot of things happened that day.
Xie Yunnan had a little insomnia, and didn’t fall asleep until late at night.
Early in the morning, he was woken up by the loud noise outside.

After going to the master bedroom and confirming that Duan Changqing was still alive, Xie Yunnan went downstairs to buy breakfast, and visited Dr.
Hu along the way.

“His condition is much better than yesterday.
He shouldn’t die, but he’s still very weak.
Just like you said, give him an amino acid drip.
You can also give him some protein these days.” Dr.
Hu took out several more IV drips.

“Uncle Hu, he hasn’t spoken, is there a problem?” Xie Yunnan asked.

Hu opened Duan Changqing’s mouth and took a look.
“His vocal cords are fine, it should be due to psychological reasons.
The stimulation was too great, and not wanting to speak for a while is normal…”

After the check-up, Dr.
Hu left.

Xie Yunnan sent him away, looked at Duan Changqing, and saw Xiaobai crawl onto the bed again.

Xiaobai has always slept with him.
He is very familiar with this bed, and runs to the bed all day.

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As for the other person… that person looked at Xiaobai without blinking, not knowing what he was thinking.

“I need to open the shop, and  can’t take care of you all the time.
I’ll let Xiaobai stay upstairs with you later.” Xie Yunnan fed Duan Changqing another bowl of porridge, and explained while feeding.
After thinking about it, he took out the remote control and turned on the TV.

It is impossible for him to accompany this person during the day.
Watching TV can make this person less bored.

As for sleeping… cough, there’s a lot of noise outside.
The sound from the TV won’t matter

Xie Yunnan packed up and went downstairs.

Duan Changqing’s eyes fell on the TV.

There were some commercials on TV, and then suddenly a conical tower with steps on all sides appeared.

The steps of this tower are filled with various cages, with people locked in each cage.

These people were hideous and looked to be in pain.
Some banged their heads against the cage, and some continued doing it unconsciously while their heads were bleeding.

Suddenly, an opening opened in the middle of the tower.
A man wearing a black mask studded with gems and a long embroidered robe slowly rose from the opening and appeared on the platform.

He held a scepter in his hand, raised his hand, and the whole world became quiet—the people in the cage seemed to sense something, quietened down, and fell asleep…

Duan Changqing didn’t understand anything, and didn’t know it was a replay of the annual pilgrimage festival in the Holy City a week ago.

This scene is exactly the scene where the mysterious high priest presides over sacrifices and treats people in the name of the Holy City.

He just thought it was a TV show, so before the high priest came on stage, his attention shifted to that lovely Samoyed.

The puppy was lying on the pillow next to him!

That demon left his main body… Was he too worried about him?

Duan Changqing finally regained some strength.
Resisting the urge to touch the puppy, took the remote control from the pillow, and changed the channel.

Watching this kind of blockbuster isn’t interesting.
It’s better to watch some cartoons, to pick up the language quickly.

Wait, he changed the channel a little too soon… The mask the figure just now wore seems a bit similar to the one the original owner wore before?

But when he first transmigrated, the situation was urgent.
He couldn’t remember what the mask the original owner was wearing looked like…

Duan Changqing didn’t think much, and simply found a cartoon to watch.

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