Chapter 2 (Raven)

I watched the trees and cars pass us as we raced to school. Cold air was blowing through the open window and I could feel the wind in my hair and on my face. In the seat next to me, was Beth behind the wheel. My sister has wavy blonde hair, blue eyes and a neat little nose like our mom. We don look alike at all. Our nose is the same, but the similarities end there. My black eyes and hair contrast with Beths fair and lovely curls. My sister is also taller than me. She is a cheerleader captain making her the most popular girl at school. Im a cheerleader too, but the truth is that Im in the squad only because Beth took me under her wing. My sister and I go to the same class, even though I am a year younger than her. I went to school early because when Beth started education, my parents said I was smart enough to do well in school. The second argument was that when I went to school, they no longer had to pay the babysitter to stay at home with me. My mother is a model, so she often goes to various photo sessions and fashion shows. The father is a businessman who spends practically every free moment at work. My sister and I are often alone at home, which means that we have become more independent than other teenagers of our age. We drive up to a large, white house. It is three-story. The large windows and balcony on the top floor are impressive. The villa is surrounded by a large garden surrounded by thujas. The grass is evenly cut. On the right side of the garden is a large rectangular pool.

This place is the home of our friend Ashley. The girl is waiting for us, standing on the wide white steps leading to the huge front door. When Ashley notices us, she starts walking towards the gate. Our friend has blonde hair and blue eyes like Beth. However, Ashley is prettier in my opinion. The girl is wearing a short white mini skirt and a pink neckline top. Her feet are decorated with gold high-heeled stilettos. When she walks to our car, she looks like a model. There are bracelets with symbols of the four elements and other strange stars on her wrist. Her blonde hair is loose. This hairstyle matches her face with makeup that looks like it was made by a professional. Considering the girls parents being super rich, it was quite likely.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the car door closing. As soon as the teenager was in the backseat of the car, she started talking to Beth about the Halloween party at our house. Halloween was Ashleys favorite holiday for some reason. I have never liked this holiday. Being surrounded by people in costumes and masks always made me anxious. The vehicle started moving again only to stop at the end of the street. This was our second stop. Every day Beth gives a lift to me, Ashley (although Ashley had her own car, she liked to drive with us. She was then able to correct her perfect makeup and talk to Beth.

Sometimes she also exchanged a word with me, but I could see that despite the fact that the three of us sticked together, she liked Beth more) and Beths boyfriend, Tommy Birmingham.

Tommy Birmingham jumped in our car immediately kissing Beth. The boy was handsome, his sandy hair matching his tanned skin. Years as the captain of the football team made the boy well-built. However, looking at him, all I felt was anxiety. I had the impression that a note in my jacket pocket was burning a hole in it. I felt hot and out of breath as the words ”Tommy Birmingham will fall down the stairs and break his leg ” reappeared in my mind.

”Will is handsome, I like guys with dark hair, but he has weird teeth don you think? … ”

Ashleys voice rang out in the car during the heated conversation she and my sister had. Instead of focusing on the conversation, I let my mind flow freely. Since the morning, my mind was full of thoughts. Who is this letter from? Is it just plain prank? Where did the letter come from? How it appeared in my room, on my bed? Did the hooded figure have anything to do with it? At first, I thought it was Beths doing. She was able to put a letter on my bed while I was in the bathroom. However, I quickly disproved this theory, recalling that my sister had no motive. She has zero sense of humor, however, and considers all pranks to be foolish. Even though the letter was strange, I didn take it seriously. If it had been a serious threat, the letter would have been delivered to Beth, Tommys girlfriend. Or Tommy himself.

”Raven! Are you even listening to me? ” As I turned my head towards the passenger, I met Ashleys nervous expression. We just drove up to the school. Beth was looking for a parking space.

”Yes. You said Will was pretty, but he had weird teeth. ” I replied, hoping that this topic continued throughout our journey.

”Well. I was talking a lot more, but yeah, that was more or less the meaning of it. ” The girl said as she got out of the car.

”Speak of the devil ” Beth interjected. My and Ashleys gaze drifted to the direction my sister was looking. At the entrance to the school there was a handsome, tall boy with dark curls falling over his forehead. He was dressed in dark jeans, a silver belt, a black T-shirt and a black leather jacket. He had a phone in his hand and he looked like he was waiting for someone.

”He has a crush on you ” I said looking at the boy.

”I haven decided yet if I have a crush on him. ” Ashley said as we walked towards the school. When we passed the boy, he clearly beamed.

”Hi Ashley! ” He said

”Hi Will, bye Will, ” the girl said as she passed him.


Walking down the corridor, I tried to convince my friend to give the boy a chance. Beth was giggling beside Tommy (with whom I still felt uneasy).

Suddenly I saw an afroamerican girl. She had dark makeup on her face and blue hair put in a ponytail. She wore a black t-shirt with a skull, a black and white checked skirt, and boots on her legs. She had lots of piercings in her eyebrows and ears, and on her wrists and neck there were lots of jewelry with occult motifs.

Oh no. Not good. I thought.

Lisa Lake was standing in front of me. Beth loved to bully her. Lisa was Lucy Lakes sister. My sisters arch enemy. Lucy Lake was the second most popular girl at school and thus Beths biggest rival. Thats why my dear big sister liked to take revenge on Lisa, who was an outsider.

I tried to distract Beth but unfortunately it was too late. The teenager spotted her target and walked towards her. She pushed Lisa and started throwing things out of her bag onto the ground. After a while, Tommy joined his girlfriend. Ashley and I looked at each other and quickly came to a quiet agreement that we would try to dissuade Beth from her new fun.

”Beth, honey. Lets go. Shes not worth your time. ” Said Ashley, touching the girls shoulder in the process.

”Seriously sister. Lets go because well be late for class. Leave her alone. ” I joined in trying to convince the girl to leave the poor goth. Our pleas must have convinced Beth, because the teenager gave the last kick and walked with Tommy towards the classroom. Together with Ashley, we quickly collected Lisas books and gave them to her, and then we ran quickly after my sister, afraid that if we waited too long, the teenager would come back.


During our first lesson, Ashley sat down next to me. Beth was sitting with Tommy. I decided I should forget about the whole thing with the letter. It was some prank that I shouldn have been bothered with. Garry Dean was standing at the blackboard. For the tenth minute he had been talking to our chemistry teacher about some complicated chemical formula. It suited me because the lesson was passing and I could take care of myself. My phone made a short noise. As I turned it over, I read the message Beth sent to our group chat. It concerned a freckled boy with glasses standing by a blackboard.

”That nerd is such a loser. ” I decided that I will not comment on this statement. Ashley sent a smiley face and went back to browsing dresses on the internet. Suddenly the teachers voice caught my attention. The girls and I did not notice that the professor had already written the assignment on the blackboard.

Now he was looking for a victim to make them solve the problem. Even Garry Dean didn want to go to the blackboard, looking at the complicated formula. The chemist started walking around the class looking for someone to send to the task. Suddenly he stopped at our desk, smiling at Ashley, who was still busy on the phone and unaware of the teachers presence.

”Miss Wilde. Would you like to solve the task on the blackboard for the grade or would you like to keep playing with your phone? ” Ashley, who was just now looking up, smiled sheepishly.

”Id rather continue to browse the dresses. A moment ago I found a nice pink sequin dress that I think Ill buy. ”

”I see that this task may be troublesome for you especially Miss Wilde, because it is difficult and we did not do tasks of this type, but I would insist that you go to the blackboard and write down at least the data. Maybe then you will get at least a pass mark. ”

Ashley looked a little indignant as she tossed her hair back and walked with the models step towards the blackboard. She took the chalk in her hand with shiny silver nails and began to write. Within five minutes, she managed to complete the assignment in such a way that even the teacher was speechless. When she returned to the bench, the teenager looked offended.

”Did you see that? That idiot thinks Im dumb. Unbelievable, ” she whispered to me as she fell back into her seat.

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